Go Trekking and Fossil Hunting in Fossil Bluff – Tasmania

In case you have a hobby of gathering fossils, seeking rocks, or simply a devoted fan of geology, Tasmania is offering a place called Fossil Bluff for one to look into. The area is recognized as a geological monument in the state, and is also encompassed by a variety of geological treasures.

A result of the waves within the Bass Strait, a sandstone bluff that contain folds of fossils and is encapsulated with the stone and is known as Fossil Bluff was developed. Bass Strait is seen as a stretched ocean that splits Tasmania from Australia. The bluff is nestled underneath the ocean for around 38 million years ago and it lies above some layers of tillite which are built up there since the Permian age. When it’s low tide, you can actually stroll all over the bluff and discover for yourself where sandstone and tillite connect. If you have extraordinary curiosity about fossils, surely you’ll see some fossils in majority of the sandstone. The fossils are showing its weather situations that happened on earth during Oligocene period.

You could take some pictures of the fossils but taking it as a souvenir or a specimen isn’t likely within the Bluff.

One can walk down the Fossil Bluff, the beach and to the Silver Gull rookery located along the mouth of the Inglis River if ever the tide is low. The shoreline is inhabited by Fairy Penguins and by the months of September thru February one can witness their nesting areas by searching signs through their waste. Avoid distracting these penguins, research said that their numbers are lessening mostly due to the Wynyard Golf Club which is positioned on top of the Fossil Bluff. Fairy Penguins are classified as the smallest kind ın the penguin family. Standing only at 43cm, Little Penguins are present down the shoreline of southern Australia and New Zealand.

By the west side of the Bluff is a settlement that is renowned for its 1888 made station and agricultural goods. The area is considered as the richest throughout Tasmania and all credits goes to the volcanic soil evident in Table Cape. Table Cape can be found somewhere in the north coast of Tasmania.

You will see a flat gray rock called Wynyard Tillite that elongates for kilometres from east to west. This tillite descends from the Permian period and it is about 280 million years old. It was declared the Australian continent was just a part of a big continent called Gondwana, it was during this age in which tillite was formed and what’s left are history. The spot is filled with granites, jaspers and agates which you take home as souvenirs out of your trip.

Fossil Bluff is just a 3 kilometre drive out of the main city of Wynyard. You can actually walk down the serene historical beach and enjoy the awesome view with the Bass Strait. Cottages and lodging houses is only a minute away from the vicinity. You may also have a Wynyard trip and find out the marvelous place loaded with history and farmlands.

The destination gives you the greatest accommodation in Tasmania as they possibly can. Wynyard’s streets are stuffed with the basic necessities which you might need. From food stops and stations, cafes, pharmacy, sea foods, post office, boutique shops and the likes; are generally found in the vicinity.

Reservations and bookings for one’s accommodation in Tasmania are all available online. Check into best deal that will fit you along with your needs. Read some information, reviews and special features regarding the place for a wonderful Tasmanian experience.