Go Wireless via Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi stands for wireless Fidelity. In 1997, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers came up with the concept of Wi-Fi. It uses 802.11 standards. People generally use Broadband connection for the computer. Now the thing has become easier for those who want to use Internet connection in a different way and also want to communicate with others. Router is the best way to do that in Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi uses a radio signal to transfer the data between computers. For Wi-Fi setup, you can get in touch with a computer services company.

This connection has accelerated the Broadband connection. This article will also provide you the information on how to install a connection for Wi-Fi. For the readers, don’t worry this is not any Rocket science. Just follow the steps mentioned below and become a Hi-Fi person.

Things that we need to install a Wi-Fi connection are a Wireless Router, a wireless adaptor that needs to connect to the network, broadband connection, IP address for your computer, for DSL connection need to password and the user Id, Mac address of the wireless adaptor, a pen and a paper to write down the network settings.

To install Wi-Fi connection in XP you need to click the XP Networking icon in the system tray. When the Wireless Network Connection dialog box appears, click ‘advanced’ and select the Wireless Networks tab. Uncheck ‘Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings’ and ‘ok’ and restart your system.

People frequently ask a question that can whether they can use Wi-Fi from any Hot Spot or not. They can use the service from any hotspot. However, if the hotspot has 802.11 wireless technology then only it is possible.

Another question arises that is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is same or not? The answer is negative. Both the technologies are different. Bluetooth uses 802.15.1 while Wi-Fi uses 802.11. The data transfer rate is very much higher in Wi-Fi than Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi technology is a very useful for connecting a device to a network without cables-By Jeff Dray. This could be the best definition for WI_FI. So switch to wireless network and go wireless.