Going About Defining The Condition Allergic Otitis

Allergic otitis is an allergic condition that can become very serious. The otitis (or inflammation of the ear) is caused  by an allergen or trigger of some sort. When it comes to allergens…different allergens will trigger different syptoms and/or conditions in different people.

The middle ear is the most frequent locale for allergic otitis. Many individuals with allergic conditions will initially refer to it as a simple earache or sometimes even just a headache. It can become very painful depending upon the case and the patient’s level of pain tolerance. The pain is, most often, the most serious aspect of allergic otitis. The problem is typically resolved naturally between 2 and 4 weeks.

Effective treatments for allergic otitis include:

1. Avoid the allergen/s: if the trigger can be identified…the condition can be avoided entirely

2. Non-prescription pain medication as necessary

3. Prescription pain meds (take as instructed)

4. Non-prescription ear drops (meant to relieve pain topically)

5. Prescription level ear drops (meant to relieve pain topically)

It is vital that patients who are suffering from any allergy related or triggered condition (like allergic otitis) should take full advantage of the experitise of a nearby allergist. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to uncover the root causes of allergic conditions and maximize the positive effects of treatment; decreasing or even eliminating symptoms.

When working with an experienced allergist the allergen is typically pinpointed by the use of skin scrath or blood tests. These tests are very accurate. They allow allergists to advise patients as to the problematic allergens and triggers in order to allow them to avoid symptoms and conditions related to the allergens in future.

The most effective treatment for any allergen triggered state is avoidance of the allergen. It is also the most long term solution; many other solutions are temporary in nature or not effective for all allergic cases.