Going Back Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend – How to Win Her Back

If going out with your ex girlfriend is your goal, you’ll need to know why you broke up in the first place. Were you arguing? Constantly fighting? Did you break things off with her, or did you get dumped by your girlfriend? No matter what happened, time seems to fuzz out the bad points of your relationship and strengthen the good memories. This is something you can use to your advantage when trying to get back together with an ex girlfriend.

Approaching an ex with the idea of dating again is something you need to do very carefully. She might not share the same feelings as you, or the same good memories. That being said, there will always be some residual feelings that your ex girlfriend still has for you, and it’s up to you to draw these out. There are some really great techniques and methods for getting back in your ex’s head again, and the more of them you know the better your chances for success.

Move Slowly

Once you’re ready to go out with an ex girlfriend, there’s no reason to immediately rush back into a heavy relationship. Even if this is your ultimate goal, taking it slow and casual is definitely the way to approach things. Go too fast, and old problems can resurface quickly.

Stay Casual

Making your ex as comfortable as possible will go a long way toward making her fall for you again. This is why you need to keep things light, happy, and fun. Meet up with her somewhere you both enjoy, and make laughter part of the agenda. There’s no reason to have serious talks right now or bring up the subject of the break up. Later on you’ll have plenty of time to do that, but right now you should be trying to rekindle some of the old chemistry the two of you shared together.

Make it Romantic

Bringing your ex her favorite flowers or taking her to the restaurant she likes best are some very cool gestures that show her you care. Try to remember the things you did to woo her in the first place and repeat some of them: they’ll remind her of good times from the past, and you’ll score points for being sweet. When going out with your ex girlfriend you want her to know you think of her on relationship-type levels, and not just those of friendship. There should be no confusion about whether this is a friendly date or a romantic one.

Wipe the Slate Clean

No matter what happened to break the two of you up, going back out again requires you to forgive and forget. If she cheated, lied, or did something equally bad, you need to let this go as something that happened in the past. And if she wants to continue a relationship with you? She needs to do the same. Starting over means wiping the slate totally clean and building a the relationship on a fresh new foundation… not on the broken ruins of the past.

Contacting Your Ex Girlfriend

Sometimes you don’t always know the best way to reconnect with an ex. If you’re sitting there wondering “How do I contact my ex girlfriend?”, at least you’re being proactive. There are lots of great methods you can use to reestablish communication with your ex, even if you haven’t talked or emailed each other in a while. By learning the right techniques you can even get your ex to call you, creating curiosity and putting yourself right back in her head and heart. Getting in touch with her is easier than you think, and there are great ways to make her receptive to meeting up with you.

Remember that time heals most wounds, and it probably gave each of you the chance to look at things differently. Going out with your ex girlfriend should be something easy and fun, not something you feel nervous or fearful about. By playing on old feelings and left-over emotions, you can really take a second shot at dating your ex and making it work.