Going for an Interview.Read on

India is developing at a rapid speed financially as its economy bears the thrashes of slowdown with tenacity. It has emerged as a robust economy with no major strikes from more than a year long fiscal flu even as it had great repercussions on world’s leading economies.


Jobs in India are not so easy to lay hands on and this is why, appearing for interviews requires good preparation in various areas. This article aims at highlighting the essentials you must go through before attending the final call- the interview because as they say ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’.

It is very important to prepare yourself well before taking your seat in front of the interviewer. To be able to score well, you should start by rehearsing the questions that may be asked during the interview-both general and specific. Some of the general question could be why are you looking for the change, why this organization, how can you contribute, why should they hire you, what are your expectations, etc. The specific kinds are aimed at assessing your skills and abilities by asking things like how you handle work pressure, what are your motivations, the dilemmas you have handled and so on. The interviews for Jobs in India are meant to gauge a candidate’s professional competency and their areas of prowess. You need to answer intelligently to all the questions to be able to show your strengths and excellence.

Most of the sectors in India are already witnessing a boom and it is interesting to note that there many new ones emerging as well. The flourishing economy is what has increased the manpower requirement across sectors generating thousands of jobs in India. Let us take a look at do’s and don’ts for preparation of the interview for that most coveted job.

-Pep up your CV

Keep your resume concise and do not add too much detail which means editing is important. Always emphasize on the bits-qualities and achievements- which make you a fit for the job you are applying. The presentation of your CV is very important because it is like a sales pitch for selling your services to the employer. Try adding some creativity to that regular resume so that it leaves them with the right impression about your personality and aptitude. Ask someone else to proofread your CV to avoid any sloppy writings, unprofessional look, poor layout and misspellings or bad grammar.

-Appearing for interview

Apparently, if you have been called over for an interview, the recruiter has found something good enough in you. You must have repeatedly heard that first impressions are the most vital, this is because some interviewers quickly make up their mind about hiring the candidate.

-Show yourself in the best light by focusing on your strengths, capabilities, achievements, etc. while sidelining the weaknesses.

-Do not ever lie about anything though you may be judicious with the truth because it will be caught sooner or later.

-If you don’t know the answer to a question and need some time to think, ask for it. Do not remain silent or tongue tied, your nervousness would show.

-It is extremely important to not start censuring or degrading the previous employer however bad it may be. Instead talk about the good parts while telling why you would want to move to a new organization.

-Knowledge about the company is of paramount significance, you must know who your employers are and what business are they into.

India jobs are lucrative and you can grab them only with right kind of preparation for that ultimate meeting with the employer.