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The country (rather continent) of Australia can best be described as a land of different kinds of contrasts is it in terms of the culture, topography or physical attributes. The Aborigines were the first inhabitants here, around 400,000 years ago. Due to their exploitation of the natural resources, a major part of Australia is today barren.

On the whole, the country has a reputation of being a place of leisure, with an abundance of sun and sea. However, the reality is far from this, and the people, though enjoyment addicts, also work throughout the week like in the European or American countries, and only indulge in jovial celebrations on the weekends. Each state in Australia has national parks where tourists can participate in bush-walking or rock-climbing, and similar outdoor activities. And if one is interested in aquatic life, the Great Barrier Reef is definitely a place one can not afford to miss. Snorkeling in this natural wonder is indeed an experience of a lifetime, as one gets up, close and personal with fascinating sea life. Incidentally, this is one of the major reasons why people visit the city of Cairns. Another unique attraction are the Wet Tropics of Queensland, which have fantastic waterfalls and dense rainforests with lush green seemingly painted across every square inch. One can also spot rare species of animals in the Kakadu National Park, along with ancient Aboriginal art, which are also up for display at the Namadgi National Park

If you are in the mood for exploration, some really great places to do so are cities like Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, which have a healthy combination of great sights and good cultural lineage and atmosphere. Talking of beaches, the whole country is surrounded by the sea, rather, an ocean, so you can get plenty of opportunities to surf or take a swim at practically any city close to the coastline. As a rule, these beaches are crowded with tourists at all times during the year, irrespective of the season. One of the more popular stretches of beaches is the Sunshine Coast, located north of Brisbane, while the stretch situated on the south of Brisbane is called the Gold Coast, and is known to be Australia’s take on trailer park people or teenagers who are not able to afford a vacation at any other place. Tourists must also visit the small but historically fascinating Alice Springs, as well as William Creek (which is also, incidentally, the most isolated town in Australia, that is a gateway to the popular Ayers Rock.

And this is not all; you can also catch a glimpse of the metropolitan life in Melbourne, and skiing at the Alpine National Park. Another interesting place to visit is the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales.

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