Going Green House Products – How to Buy the Best Green Cleaning Products

Going green house products are not only good for the environment, but these are also good for the health of our loved ones and pets as well. Unfortunately, you can’t immediately trust all green cleaning solutions labeled as: eco-friendly, environmentally safe, or non-toxic. But you can still do something to distinguish what going green house products to buy – research.

It’s really difficult to pick the right going green house products, especially if they all claim to be environmentally safe. Well, checking the product label is always a good precautionary measure, but it’s not a hundred percent guarantee that the product is all that it claims to be. Manufacturers are not really required to declare all the ingredients they’ve used in making their products. Also, it’s specifically hard to gauge the quality of the product since there are no established regulations or standards for eco-friendly products.

Since not all “green” cleaning products are really green and manufacturers are really not that transparent with the ingredients they’re using, is it safe to say that going green is just not right for you? Well, the answer is no. Despite the lack of clear rules as to what really makes a product environmentally safe, there are still some important buying guidelines consumers can follow when buying commercially-made green household products.

Learn to read labels. It’s not a foolproof method, but it does give out important hints at times. Go through the list of ingredients of the product (if you’re fortunate enough that manufacturers specified these) and spot the toxic chemicals that you recognize. If it contains ammonia, hydrochloric or sulfuric acids, lye, and chlorine bleach, these should be enough hints that the cleaning solution is not really safe for the environment and humans. You should also take note that chlorine bleach is not safe to use with other chemicals, like ammonia, because this will form poisonous gases.

Buy products only from trusted green product manufacturers. There are currently several companies that are making noise in the green cleaning product industry; some of these are ECOS, Shaklee Corporations, and Seventh Generation. Although not strictly mandatory, Seventh Generation products contain the complete list of chemical ingredients – a real big help on your part. You can actually learn more about these companies and their products through their websites.

Find out how and where you could get hold of the best green house products. You have two choices to accomplish this task: go online or visit your nearest retailers. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s official online shop gives you more edge because you’re assured that you’re getting the real stuff. It’s also a good thing to know that majority of supermarkets and department centers are already warming to these products – they actually have different green cleaning products on stock.

If you’re really not into commercial products, try researching for homemade going green house products and make your own. It’s quite easy and quick to make.