Going Green In Your Home – The Top 3 Benefits

Are you wondering what all this going green stuff really means? Well, I was. The term going green seems to be getting used more and more frequently these days as more companies want to get in on this new trend. Okay fine, but what does it really mean and why should it be so important to me? In seeking an easy and understandable answer what I’ve discovered is that learning how to go green in your home is basically a new way of thinking and a learning process which really does have important benefits for improving your life and that of the environment.

Here are just a few of the important benefits of going green in your home you should know:

1. Consumes less energy, water & natural resources:

Topping the list of energy consumption inside our homes is heating and cooling, which makes up approximately 20% of the U.S.’s yearly energy use. Adding to this list are electronic and household appliances which still consume energy even while turned off called “phantom loads”. Most of this energy is derived from greenhouse gas producers such as oil and gas which are the major contributors to global warming which we see taking place. However, a green home can actually reduce its energy use up to 40% and its water use by 50% thus reducing its impact and carbon footprint on the environment.

2. Saves money & makes money:

If your home is green and using less energy, water and natural resources, it will not only save you money each month in your utility bills, it will also provide you with additional tax benefits and savings each year. The federal government as well as some local and state governments are now offering more tax breaks and other incentives for going green in your home which can really save you money. As well with a green home, you have the additional benefit of being able to make more money because when it comes time to sell your home, a home that is green will have a higher market value than a non-green home.

3. It’s healthier for yourself & environment:

Most of us are unaware that the common household cleaning products, disinfectants, deodorizers, and paints we use actually contain very dangerous chemicals and carcinogens that are toxic and poisonous and can affect the health of ourselves, our family and our pets. These toxic chemicals are not just dangerous pollutants inside our home, they are equally as dangerous to our outside environment where they can seep into our rivers, lakes and streams and contaminate the ground water that we, as well as animals, depend on to drink. A green home is a home that uses natural, non-toxic materials and products which is healthier and safer for yourself and the environment.