Going On The Road: How To Choose The Appropriate Battery For Your RV

Considering taking a trip with your RV in the future? Or maybe you’re just considering buying one but do not know what type of information to look for. You should obviously look into the brand you anticipate to purchase, in addition to how much it will cost you. You also need to familiarize yourself with the various types of RV battery options, since this is just as vital of a factor, and their assumed similarity to car batteries is quite misleading.

RV batteries come in three main types. Lead acid flooded cell batteries come initial. These are common regarding the types of batteries you will see in most applications that need a deep cycle. You can buy them in several sizes and in either 12v or 6v. Electrolytes, also known as acid solution, are where the incredibly thick plates of lead acid flooded batteries are kept. You will find that this kind of battery is a staple among RV owners as it is the most widely used.

Second, there is the gel cell battery. Its main difference is that the electrolyte is gelled instead of being submerged, but it is otherwise similar to the lead acid flooded cell battery. Very little extra maintenance is required by this type of battery. Another huge plus is they seldomly emit harmful gas.

Also recognized as the AGM, the last key battery kind is the absorbed glass mat. Separating the plates on these kinds of batteries is a glass mat-type element. You will see that it is the glass mat that does the absorbing when it comes to the electrolyte. These types of batteries are the only ones that can be called spill-proof. It also makes sending them via postal services fairly simple. However, these kinds of batteries are the most expensive, but will provide the best results.

Different from car batteries, you need to make sure your RV battery will provide you with a great amount of electricity and will store quite a bit of it for your RV-related needs. In an effort to ensure you are able to choose the appropriate battery for your own personal situation, doing your homework is consequently necessary. Some batteries are more helpful in certain situations than in others, since each battery comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re uncertain of your options, a good RV dealer will most likely be able to point you in the correct direction as well.

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