Going Organic For Your Precious Little Ones

New born babies are the apple of their parent’s eyes.You will obviously want to protect and provide the best care for your little bundle of joy.You would want to cherish your baby for your entire life.Parents want the best for their kids thus going green is the obvious option.Organic children’s clothing and toys are not only safe for your child but for the environment too.Your baby should have the most hygienic products and organic ones are the only products which can guarantee this.More often than not we tend to overlook whether the materials used are actually safe for our kids as we are often swayed by the fanciness of the item.Your child’s health is the most important factor.Do NOT risk it.Go Green to give your child a happy and healthy future.

Baby products like clothes,diapers,cribs,chew toys and bottles are essential for babies and are available as both organic and ordinary products.However, the ordinary range will contain chemicals and materials that can be harmful for your baby.Rashes and allergies are common problems caused by these products.Your baby’s immune system is not fully developed hence these products pose a great risk to your child’s health.

Ordinary products contain harmful substances namely phthalates,mineral oils,lanolin,cornstarch and sodium lauryl sulfate.Phthalates are chemicals usually found in soft plastic toys and baby bath toys.Mineral oil also known as baby oil is one of the most harmful material as it causes dehydration of the baby’s skin.Lanolin contains pesticides which will cause allergy and skin rashes.Cornstarch increases the growth of yeast and thus results in the increase in diaper rashes.This not only irritates the baby but also increases the chances of your child developing further infections.Sodium lauryl sulfate is used to create foam in baby shampoos.This causes irritation to the baby’s scalp and also affects the eyes.It is therefore very important for you as the parent to know what is good and what is harmful for your child.Extensive knowledge about this will help you avoid choosing products which will be detrimental to your child’s health. Your child’s health is more important than convenience or expense.

So next time when you buy baby products don’t just choose something just because it looks fancy and appealing.Check what materials are used to make that product and whether they are harmful.Opting for green baby products eliminates this concern as all those products are eco friendly and are made from bio degradable materials.By choosing products like organic baby clothing you are also taking a step in environmental protection as well.One small step can make a huge difference in the future.The more people opt for organic products the lesser will be the appeal for harmful products like plastic thus perhaps one day we can eradicate harmful products like these completely and preserve our green planet.Protect your child and the environment by going green. BOLA TANGKAS