Going Wireless Is Not Too Complicated

Anyone familiar with the world wide web, might wonder in amazement why everyone doesn’t have a connection to the Internet. Technology has progressed to smaller, lighter and more powerful, portable, affordable laptops. Wireless capability is now consider a standard option with any new laptop that is sold. Older versions of the laptop do not have wireless cards and have to be modified. This is reason enough to steer clear of older laptops. The new laptops that are available are more affordable than ever before.

Don’t be misled into thinking that a new laptop will get you on line anywhere. You have to find a Wi-Fi hot spot before you can connect to the web. These hot spots seem to be popping up more and more and are a extra service that businesses are beginning to offer at no charge to patrons. If spending hours in a coffee shop or library doesn’t appeal to you, you can easily get connected at home.

If you are like the millions of home users that have a wired router for your desktop this simply means that you can only access the Internet from the one stationary location in your home. If however you have a wireless router, your laptop suddenly can be used wherever you decide to park yourself in any area in your home. Imagine the possibilities of being wireless in the garden, kitchen, front porch and etc..

You have many wireless router options available today. You can go and purchase one yourself which is very affordable or some service providers will rent you one for a small monthly fee. Prices and antennas will vary in price and size. Be sure you understand what your needs are before you decide to buy or rent one.

If you will want to be sitting in your yard using your laptop, you will need a router that will be able to get the signal to you. Ask to be sure that you will be able to work online wherever you want. If the only computer that you have is a laptop then considering the purchase of a wireless card. If you need to be online in different places this is great because it will have you hooked up wirelessly pretty much anywhere at a monthly charge.

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