Golf In Vietnam

Have you ever heard of the Hanoi Hilton? Sure you have, that was the euphemism for the POW camps that the US prisoners of war were incarcerated in throughout that awful and bloody conflict that ended 35 years ago. The war was tough and the Vietnamese people suffered significantly as well as the Americans. But the nation has recovered extremely properly and the gentle socialism and the industry of the peoples has permitted Vietnam to become one of the most fascinating countries to go to in South East Asia.

Properly you as well can go to Hanoi but not as a POW but as an honored guest to come take pleasure in Vietnam Golf Vacations and experience the gorgeous sights that Hanoi has to offer. Hanoi is a beautiful city set on a number of lakes of the Northern Red River Delta. The influence of the French Colonialists remains from the Indo China days despite numerous long years and the bitter wars that had been fought to totally free Vietnam of foreign intervention. There are lovely areas to visit either by boat or going up into the nearby mountains.

In addition there are fascinating golf courses to play on. A complete description of these golf courses is provided on the site of Vietnam Golf Tours. Vietnam Golf Tours also has pre arranged packages which vary according to the time the guest is going to commit in Hanoi.

The most economical, and also the shortest is a three day tour which consists of two nights in a five star hotel such as breakfast plus chauffeured driven transport to and from the Airport and the hotel and the golf courses and two rounds of golf at Kings Island Golf resort (A 27 hole Golf club of renowned beauty and challenge) and yet another round a Chi Linh Star Golf and Country Club which is an hour’s drive north of Hanoi. The Transfer will take you back to the Airport for onward flights.

There is a week extended excursion that will take in Dalat and the longest of the arranged tours offered for the northern portion of Vietnam only . In this 7 day adventure you will play 4 rounds of golf, remain six night in luxury 5 star hotels and have lots of leisure time. All transfers, course charges such as the use of a buggy, breakfasts and accommodation is integrated in the package.

Because Vietnam Golf Tours is conscious that guest might be bringing non golf playing partners they are pleased to arrange unique events and tours to entertain them. Qutations at a quite reasonable price could be obtained at the time of booking.

As one particular can see from the selection on offer this is the chance of a lifetime to check out and fascinating and stimulating country which will afford you their welcome and make you want to come back and appreciate the fantastic offerings that Vietnam has to give.

Contact Vietnam Golf Tours to see if they can assist you visit this superb land and knowledge an unforgettable week in this exciting nation and its beautiful individuals..