Good Proteins Are Essential For A Pet Diet

One of the best sources of protein found in quality pet food for a puppy is chicken, with turkey coming a close second. These meats are easily digestible and valuable to help a puppy grow.

If at any time your puppy seems reluctant to eat his normal dry food or he may be a bit off colour, he can have a few bits of fresh chicken in gravy added to his meals, as this will tempt him to eat.

If your puppy is not well for more than one day, make an appointment at his local vets.

Red meat such as beef is a great protein ingredient in dog food; the best cuts of beef are ones that have the least fat.

Cheaper brands of dog food may not have the best cuts of meat in their ingredients. This can be assessed by checking the labels on both canned and dried dog food, and a puppy should be fed dog food that is labelled for a especially for a pup.

Whatever breed of dog you have chosen as your new pet, diet is important to help your puppy grow into a strong dog. His food should have a balance of ingredients with added vitamins, and it is the overall amount of quality food that keeps a puppy full of energy and in good health.

Adult dogs and mature dogs require good quality dog food, but the amount of vitamins will change to suit their age. Good dog nutrition is essential for a dogs digestive system and to help keep joints in good order.

At Hills Pets we have a wide range of Hills Science Plan dog food available. All of our products are manufactured to give your pet an enriched pet diet, as they are full of the best ingredients and our aim is to keep dogs in good health. BOLA TANGKAS
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