Google Have Acquired Widewine

Google are buying Widewine, located in Seattle, which is a business dealing with digital-management software. This software is used by broadcast companies so they safely can transmit video content online. Widewines website shows an very impressive list of clients which includes well-known companies like Blockbuster, Deutche Telekom, AT&T, Best Buy, Dish Network, NBC, Netflix and Sonic Solutions.

Google have also said that it has committed itself to keep Widewines current agreements in place, and they will be offering a direct, quality support to their existing and future clientele. Google also said that plans are to enhance Widewines products and webhosting and their own even further. Googles move to purchase Widewine comes from their last promise about doing a better job protecting copyrighted materials and avoiding lawsuits by Viacom about copyright issues.

But when Google acquires Widewine, it will instantly become one of the largest players in the market to protect video broadcasting over the Internet. The company is by now already the largest distributor of online videos, though it doesnt currently have its own streaming-video DRM technology beside for content ID fingerprinting system which has been developed for YouTube. Though a Google spokesman have declined to say if the company will be applying Widewines DRM technology to the large amount of video which the company host and distributes or if it will be for sale to free website owners. But having a better and higher quality system to track and protect video streaming can indeed be a benefit for Google I they decide to renew their efforts in creating a pay video service or other content subscription services in the future.

This way Google is not only getting a better DRM technology system when they acquire Widewine, they will also be getting many new business relationships with the large range of broadcasters, who are offended with the way that Googles platforms have been used to distribute many unauthorized copies of their media material. Widewines DRM technology is also used in GoogleTV, Android operating system, Nintendo Wii and Apples iOS platform. This makes Widewines DRM technology one of the most used digital-management software with more than 250 million Internet connected devices. BOLA TANGKAS