Gourmet Food Gifts – Literally An Enjoyable Gift

‘Love goes through the stomach.’ We have all heard this saying before and most would agree that there is some truth in it. Lovebirds go for romantic meals, families come together for dinner and on your birthday you dig into cake. So why not get your loved ones the gourmet food gifts for their birthday or Christmas?

When buying a present, gifts in the form of food or wine, be it a hamper or a collection of assorted cheese, are often not considered. This is often down to the fact that we believe a gift has to be something we have put thought into and we believe that something as ‘basic’ as food does not meet this requirement. Paradoxically, we end up buying jumpers, books or household appliances instead. Surely, those are nice presents but we can easily imagine the person who received the gift going to the store himself and buying the same book or a similar jumper. However, very few people treat themselves to delicious exclusive food. Most people go to their local supermarket and pick up the same old boring food. Besides, buying a gourmet food present is so much easier than the usual dreadful shopping for gifts. Does the jumper fit? Has he already read the book?

If your friend has a sweet tooth, he or she will be delighted to get a chocolate hamper filled with pralines made with the finest ingredients and of the most exotic flavours. The cheese lover will be equally delighted with a selection of cheese which is too expensive for his weekly budget on groceries but goes well with a glass of red wine in the evening after a hard day’s work. Cheese baskets, sweets baskets, wine, cakes – delicious gifts but if you want to go for something less common, the food industry offers more original gifts:

Chef prepared meal’s delivered to your loved ones doorstep – ‘Subscriptions’ for a monthly or weekly supply of wine, – Gigantic fortune cookies with personalised messages – Whiskey from the birthday girl’s or boy’s year of birth – or special hampers with imported products from countries all over the world including the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

When choosing your gourmet food gift bear in mind what is important to the person you are giving the gift to and of course the person’s taste in food or wine. Companies offer a broad range of extras such as:

Eco-Friendly packaging – Vegan hampers – Pick and mix hampers, where customers can choose colour and style of the basket as well as the products itself – Attached greeting cards with personal messages – Additional flower bouquet – Next-day delivery.

Now who wants to argue that food gifts are not original and impersonal? There is so much choice.

Most people love food. It can be a very personal gift and is often more useful than other gifts that end up in car boot sales either because the size wasn’t right or the colour made one look pale. Choosing food is a good way of making the right choice when buying a present, we know the taste of our friends and if the present goes to someone we are not as close, well, who doesn’t like delicious chocolate, fruit or cheese? And now imagine you’d had a ‘subscription’ for a cookie each day, gourmet food gifts are most certainly a good choice.
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