Government Intrusion Versus Natural Health Care, Swine Flu Vaccination Or Individual Responsibility

In mid June the WHO (World Health Organization) declared the Swine Flu a level 6 pandemic, and they are predicting that it will resurface this fall in a new and deadly form. Their solution is the mandatory distribution of a new, untested vaccine. The United States Emergency Medical Powers Acts and other Federal legislation provides for mandatory vaccination, with no exemptions.

By the time this new vaccine is administered, there will not have been sufficient time to properly test it. Because there is not adequate time to test this vaccine for safety, Congress and the FDA have exempted the vaccine manufacturers from liability for any complications, including death, caused by the vaccine. According to the President, “The most important thing…is to make sure that state and local officials prepare to implement a vaccination program in the fall…” In other words, full steam ahead with no regard for the health and safety of American citizens.

In 1976, President Ford ordered mandatory vaccination of the entire population of the United States because of a Swine Flu scare after the death of Pvt. David Lewis of Fort Dix was connected to the Swine Flu. During that outbreak, Pvt. Lewis was the only death attributed to the Swine Flu in the US. On the other hand hundreds were killed or seriously injured by the inoculation administered by the government. Despite the uncertainty of the dangers of this vaccine in particular, and the history of the ineffectiveness and dangers of vaccines in general, your government wants to force it upon you at the threat of incarceration in a prison or other facility created for “Vaccine Resisters”.

Upon refusing to accept the administration of the Swine Flu vaccine, you will be classified a felon and subject to incarceration. Government officials are beginning to equate “Vaccine Resisters” to “terrorism”, which is a probable attempt to make use of more harsh measures and FEMA camps against those wishing to maintain control of their own health care.

Before your government begins killing and injuring her citizens again, you need to take measures to protect yourself. You can call and write your Federal and State Representatives asking them to provide for sanction-free exemptions from the proposed forced vaccinations. These exemptions can be based on religious belief, or an individual’s willingness to protect himself in his own home, a measure called “self-shielding”.

The Natural Solutions Foundation has been formed to combat an out of control government that wishes to control every aspect of your health care. You may wish to join with other freedom loving Americans in the battle against a forced and dangerous Swine Flu vaccination.