Gps Alarm System Network 110 Is Too Complex For The Cape Go An ‘suck

Last month, Fuzhou, a taxi driver was robbed and killed after the incident, a taxi within GPS Alarm system is reliable, triggering concern of many drivers. Many drivers said the emergency situation, GPS alarm system can not truly hidden alarm button, it will lead to criminals that attention to the situation worse.

Speaking of GPS alarm system, I am afraid you are not familiar, the system is directed not only at any time Monitor Central scheduling, monitoring, and also has anti-theft alarm function and artificial, especially in the case of robbery, it can help the driver saved the day, the dead Escape , As taxi drivers with a certain occupational risks, and thus bear the brunt of the first to install the system.

GPS alarm system installed after the original thought that taxi drivers can be safe from this, sit back and relax, however, of how not happy buddy, the more use of the worse go an ‘suck. The reason is simple: the critical situation encountered, GPS alarm system can not truly hidden alarm button, and the alarm part of the platform too many layers of feedback, but also call back to verify the alarm, not only delayed life-saving opportunity, but also alerted the robbers . It is indeed very scared, hey hi-tech Product , Did not happen, seeing as the furnishings become a vase, it is unexpected, and inviting worry.

Learned from reports that a taxi to install GPS in Fuzhou has over three years, could be an indisputable fact is that most of the Colombian did not used to this Alarm , And the alarm system is no direct linkage with the 110. Alarm system exists in name only and does not give the brother’s sister in order to Security Flu, which can be a taxi driver from Fuzhou still be robbed and killed the inklings, we can see, three years ago to install GPS alarm system is only temporary rash fever only, thus exposed the relevant authorities grandiose, pompous weaknesses. We acknowledge, any new things are not so perfect, GPS alarm system not only highlights the problems unique to Fuzhou, and other cities more or less, but in the face of various defects, we can not always turn a blind eye, left unchecked, must be in line with on the spirit of responsibility for taxi drivers, as crack problems, find solutions to the problem, otherwise there is dereliction of duty, dereliction of duty.

“Linkage 110 is too complex” is not without reason aside, how to make more perfect high-tech features, the police may wish to walking on two legs, on the one hand and the GPS unit to contact alarm system development is proposed close to the practical recommendations for improvement, On the other hand have to solicit opinions from the civil, especially taxi drivers are in the forefront of their approach is more practical to install in the car is said to Probe Is particularly so, in fact, if effective, be it a try. In short, GPS alarm system can not go on indefinitely furnishings. BOLA TANGKAS