Grab Instant Access to Thousands of Woodworking Patterns and Woodwork Plans for your Woodworking Store.


For general of us, woodwork plans becomes a time-consuming task specially on your busy timetable.

You don’t know the right equipment to use, you dont know the right supplies to have and the most necessary ingredient in working with wood is where to get the woodworking patterns needed to start the task. From the past, getting measurement and creating patterns takes almost 60% of your woodworking effort! and I ended up with wrong wood cuts and sometimes waste of effort because of measurement mistakes. I really wanted to remove the troubles and finish the task without me getting frustrated, my brother told me once to let the ace woodworker to do it for me but the labor cost is twice the cost of raw materials. Well I can handle the cost for it, but to think that I have a lot of time on weekends, I don’t wanna sit all day watching him creating a doghouse and talking to him tons of questions. I really want to do it myself. Books and magazines didn’t even solve the wonders behind conceptualizing the perfect woodworking plans, they only explained the theory behind woodworks. What I really wanted is a guide that I can follow step by step and having a complete list of what to buy, where to cut the wood etc. Until this product caught my attention.

Ted’s Woodworking compiled over 15,000 woodworks patterns and woodworking plans

The site includes thousands of images of easy to follow guide and demonstration videos, the blueprint and items required in the plan, and on top of that the level of your educational background or knowledge about woodworks is not greatly needed. I said to myself that this must be the one I really needed. So I immediately sighed up for the product and found it very handy, it includes everything that I wanted to make.

Ted’s Woodworking also bundled 4 very useful products to help you with your woodworking.

1.       The Complete Woodworking Guide – Basic To Advanced Craftsmanship

2.       150 Premium Woodworking Shop videos

3.       How To Start a Woodworking Business Shop

4.       DWG/CAD Plan Viewer


I find the last item to be useful with the woodworking plans.

Because it can be used for adjusting the measurements of the pattern and instantly show the result of the changes, so making a miscalculation with the measurements is quite negligible. Even you’re a polished woodworker; you’ll find this woodworks kit an advantage to your profession and even improve your product is also covered by a 60 days money back guarantee which makes it really a awesome.

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