Graphology and the Psychology of Colour

Colour has a powerful effect on human emotions. This is not a secret that has just been discovered, everyone knows that certain colours have calming effects, such as purple.

What is interesting about the psychology of colour is the effect that it has on product and its selling power.

As consumers, we are subconsciously aware of the colour of the product we are buying, and marketing companies are more than aware of this.

When a product is aimed at young children, the colours are bright and at times clashing, often primary colours are used. This is to grab the younger children’s attention and make the product look appealing. Just take a walk down the cereal aisle in your local supermarket to see the truth in this. The cereal products aimed at children are often blue and yellow whilst those aimed at adults are purple and white.

So why is colour so important and how can we capitalize on this?

Because colour effects our emotions, it can effect our viewpoint on a product, pretty much making it make or break.

Western culture and Eastern culture vary in their connotations relating to a colour, for example, in western society red hold connotations of blood, passion, sex and violence whereas in eastern culture red represents; wealth, luck and prosperity.

It is important to consider these things when marketing your product. If you don’t make a link to your audience then you will struggle to sell. It is as simple as that.

Graphic designs can help or hinder your product depending on the designer’s ability. When considering which company you should spend your money with to help create that perfect design that will sell your product effortlessly, you need to research and ensure that you view past work to see whether they have any comprehension of the importance of colour and how it can affect your target audience.

One such company who not only has an outstanding knowledge of the psychology of colour, but also understands the total dependence of the impact that that has on your target audience is