Grasp The Simple Good Face Make

Face is the most basic contours of the face, that is face. When you look in the mirror my face, you may not know what type of face that attributed. If we can accurately grasp the characteristics of their own face and personality characteristics, seize the key make-up style, then change the face is actually very simple Oh!

Good grasp simple facial make-up styling changes

Exotic face of high cheekbones If modified properly, the face of this great personality is easy to look vulgar. Therefore, higher cheekbones Ms attention skills in dress, in order to demonstrate the modern face.

Make-up: It should be noted the effect of use of shadow to play down the sudden cheeks, cheekbones slightly below the bright pink color is available. Have thin eyebrows can sketch up, showing a keen look.

Hair: If you want to highlight the cheeks with a hair mask, the effect will not be good. Should choose light stylish hair, and thick hair should avoid complicated.

Clothing: warm clothing with a more mature face for this woman. Choose exotic shawls, which will add a personalized beauty. But the modification should be simple and unique; avoid overly cliche. Cute and healthy round face

Round face woman sweet, easy to give the impression, just not easy to have a mature woman dressed elegance. Therefore, the main points of a round face, Ms. Ban Mei is too obscure or dilute the round face and dress, stressed elegance and maturity.

Makeup: Makeup is not too white woman for a round face, pink shades of foundation appropriate. Eyebrow should choose the pick a dog-ear and thick and refreshing.

Hair: the performance should be noted that the shape of the forehead should be rendered pure and simple, it can not be completely exposed forehead. Available on March 7 to open the hair, the hair fall naturally to cover the eyes Ceguo wide face, it seemed longer. Fluffy hair is not suitable for round face.

Clothing: Choose clothing styles reflect the mature simple charm, accessories should be simple and precise, avoiding all kinds of cute little accessories. Stress and refreshing contrast stripe shirt allows a round face appear rational and dignified women.

Mature and wise long face Long face lady seems rational. Deep and full of wisdom, but easy to give old fashioned, aloof impression. Therefore, in the dress should be appropriate emphasis on light and lively style and soft femininity.

Make-up: If you want to show his mature look, can choose brown or gold eye shadow lines. Eyebrow

Should paint longer, and heavier outer eye shadow, to expand the width of the face.

Hairstyle: bangs can cover the forehead, shorten the face of visual effects production. Can also be delicate hair, ribbon, etc. to add feminine. Hair is to be made very flat at the top of the tall hair will face appear longer. Women can choose a long face fluffy hair, and haircut-style straight hair is not a wise choice.

Dress: professional package is suitable for long face of the woman, in order to avoid excessive monotony and routine, can scarf or brooch embellishment, look stylish and soft. Elegant dress and pink knitted jacket for ladies to add a long face gentle temperament of women.

Dignified classic oval face Oval face full round, the standard of beauty is a face, but in respect for individuality now, modesty, oval face a bit too ordinary, and very difficult to impressive. So have a oval face of the woman should focus on individualism, sought from the “pretty” pattern porcelain doll stand out.

Make-up: focus on characterization of three-dimensional face, choose the color of some fashion. To extract from a pretty down to earth ordinary personality, makeup can be much harder to the next.

Hair: This facial hair can choose a lot, because of this, but I do not know where to start. Best choice they can fully demonstrate a charming personality facial hair.

Clothing: There are an elegant egg-shaped face, what to wear will look good, can be classical, but also modern, even with trendy accessories will not seem outrageous.

Elegant and modern rectangular face This cheeks clear face, chiseled, very modern, giving the impression of strong will. Perfect blend of soft and strong female character, shown as Sofia – Roland’s strong appeal, requires great skill.

Makeup: foundation color available for your face, in a more

Foundation dark shadow in the cheeks office hit. Middle of the face and forehead with a light once the foundation to be emphasized.

Hair: the design should use the tips of the hair, just right to cover the forehead and the face side of the page-the classic hairstyle is an excellent choice.

Clothing: If you want to use costumes emphasize their individuality and modern, fashionable fit option suits, women can also be full of taste performance of their gentle temperament clothing. BOLA TANGKAS