Grow Black, Blue Or Green Veggies in Your Garden

Growing your own food is becoming more popular as food prices rise and families look at cutting back expenses. Another reason the home garden is gaining in popularity is the number of food recalls due to poorly regulated food manufacturers and distributors. Salmonella, botulism and E-coli contamination is becoming very commonplace in the news.

People who have taken notice are looking at developing their own food supplies to become more independent and to minimize exposure to food supply issues.

So, as part of this new wave of do it yourself farmers we will look at some interesting varieties of vegetables that can adorn your landscape and bring a myriad of tastes to the table. Growing tomatoes, bell peppers, peas and green beans are common some of the common green veggies that you can find in the local home improvement store. However, if you are looking for more choices and want to step out of the box to seek more interesting foods to place in your bucket garden, these vegetables my be for you.

Black Tomatoes are definitely not the normal fruit you would see at the local grocery store, but they can be quite a treat when adding them to your tomato dishes, like salsa, salads or served with the traditional burger. There are several varieties of the Black Tomato including but not limited to: the Black Krim, Black Cherry or the Black Zebra; which is a hybrid of the Black Krim and the Green Zebra tomato.

If you are looking to grow something special to garnish your stews or fresh vegetable tray, how about the Blood Red Atomic Carrot. This little beauty is exactly as the name implies. The  “blood red” atomic carrot will certainly stand out when served to guests as a featured vegetable in your dishes. The flavors are enhanced when cooked in a steamed type of dish.

If you are looking to spice up your Spanish or Mexican dinners and want something that stands out you can serve the Peruvian White Lightning Habanero Pepper. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to stomach this chile pepper or put it into the famous “chili grill” you may be surprised on how tasty this little firecracker can be.

If your taste buds can’t handle the Peruvian White lightning, perhaps the more colorful and tame Organic Rainbow Bell Pepper will be more to your liking. Adding this to your food repertoire will add unusual colors and tastes to many of your standard recipes and a bit of fun along with it.

So, if you are looking to go beyond the standard variety of green veggies, an into a more adventurous path for your food garden, these are just a few of the interesting vegetables you can select from.

When you finally add to your table, these off the non-garden variety foods will add to the dinner conversations and envy of the other gardeners.