Gsk Daqu? Junzo Create A “moisturizing Effect” – Gsk Wine Quanxing Daqu – Food Industry

GSK Daqu is the name of the famous Eight Wine Brand. October 2009, “GSK Daqu? Junzo” series listed, the series Wine 6 years, 12 years, 18 years three, rounded aromatic wine, imported smooth, sweet aftertaste, this is the “China Tibet” in the notes. “Caches reduce the degree of” technology is the “Run” the technological characteristics, based on the pottery in this long-term seal pits “possession.” “China Tibet” after Quanxing Daqu, wine and women, such as Need for jade transparent Qingliang transparent, light penetration from the liquor, wine bright; wine elegant and delicate, Chen Hong pleasure, pure and delicate fragrance soft; booze alcohol , the coordination of various flavors, mellow and clean with imported soft aftertaste. Unique style, elegance pleasant, mellow the taste is gentle feeling arises spontaneously after drinking.

The global economic crisis and its aftermath, is for fast moving consumer goods had an impact on you? For Food Industry, the answer is exciting, people eat more at home instead of stimulating Sell Performance. Economic crisis also to promote public awareness, Diet May not be luxurious, nourishing like to enjoy. People will not stop spending, but will give up the relative price of high brand shift more appropriate supplies, even if high prices for high profile brand, the market position to keep his no easy task. Quanxing this time to introduce new wines to be popular with consumers? What it means to establish their market position?

Listed with GSK Junzo synchronization, GSK initiated the “nourishing life plan.” The wine will be detonated in a listed festival market, only a few months, enjoy Quanxing Junzo participate in “nourishing life plan” tens of thousands of consumers, in-depth every sector of society. Circulating around Chengdu “Chengdu people, Run to play” voice, and stepping in Sam Shing casual dining and some tourist areas, like Bian’s vegetable roots, and the size of Fanzhuang and streets Hotels More important is the family holiday dinner in Sichuan, drink Quanxing Junzo become a new fashion. The industry have concerns, “GSK Junzo” hot phenomenon, and to a phenomenon known as “nourishing effect”, and then deep of “nourishing life plan” How to win.

Quanxing “nourishing life plan” advocated a view of life. “Life may not be luxurious, nourishing like,” GSK Group, told reporters that the officers “must eat it easy to eat, eat comfort, ate a real taste for food; live also live easier, live freely , the quality and taste to live. “in between luxury and simple, Quanxing Junzo choice of quality and taste there Paula. In the “nourishing life” advocates, the GSK Junzo terminal market and family-oriented, consumer groups for the sake of the public, will be wines to go back to a private road. “Nourishing life plan” and offer promotions Qi head simultaneously, GSK Junzo in just a few months into every household and restaurant tables.

Quanxing “nourishing life plan” started to call people “about nourishing life.” Call for best embodies the reader “nourishing life” article (1000 words) or pictures, fully reflect the lives of Chengdu, the most nourishing life scenes and feelings, contributions from enthusiastic civil servants received from the authorities, business owners and white collar workers, university professors and students, professionals, etc., of the contributions from all sectors of society nearly ten thousand pieces. About nourishing life, is to arouse desire a better life, but also the return of the real state and to find. Some people say “eighties and nineties of last century, Chengdu people have not so much pocket money, but it flies Xiao Rizai it easy, eat , RBI small mahjong, Aspects small video, come back two glasses of Quanxing Daqu This time the moist, and comfortable up. “Such words, it can evoke memories of nourishing life, so now people think” nourishing life “should be washed out of the true face of Vanity Fair, the pursuit of real, genuine sense of moisture.

Quanxing “nourishing life plan” started the “wine fan club.” In GSK’s wine history, the “altar of incense slope,” the story of the history of GSK Junzo will note on Nov. 1, 2009 the first “wine fan club.” Alcoholics friends can open his stomach to drink for free sea Quanxing Daqu? Junzo series of wine, eat nourishing food in Chengdu. Bian’s Roots Xiangyu dual shop chef Wenxian Ming as “GSK wine fans” prepared the feast, cold dishes, including vegetable roots in Hong jar, beef flavor, Sesame oil Lohan stomach, etc.; hot dishes have Bian home watercress fish, braised lion head, spicy shrimp, bamboo Sun Sam Sun, Lin sent twice-cooked pork, hongtangsi Shao skin, Ishinabe tea pot and chickens, but also with the two snacks. BOLA TANGKAS