Gu Xu Huayuan Former Chief Financial Officer: I Do Huayuan Cfo 900 Days – Huayuan – Pharmaceutical

Huayuan growth called a history of M & A history of central enterprises, and Zhou Yucheng and therefore known as “Mr. M.” Journey in the acquisition, in the passionate fight in China, for a capital of 1.4 billion destined for the ill-fated Huayuan Gu Xu said: “It is only through the layers of controlling mergers and acquisitions to achieve its business transformation is willing to expand and View. “

More than a year, Gu Xu of China Huayuan Group Co., Ltd. (CWGC, “the Huayuan Group”) as chief financial officer traveling frequently between the Beijing and Shanghai.

The past two years, this central rate due to financial problems been the country’s financial regulators and the investment community’s attention; as the group’s financial “Master”, was ordered to “time of crisis,” the Gu Xu has been in ” Huayuan financial turmoil, “the air waves.

“First Financial Daily” reporters interviewed him, he remains a busy “night” has just returned from Beijing to Shanghai via Hong Kong, is engaged in the venture capital business for the newly bustling endless. Not long ago, he became an investment management of Shanghai’s president, the former director of central enterprises transforming itself into a financial investment bank’s financial advisor.

In more than 20 days ago, Gu Xu good to leave all the formalities of Huayuan Group, a formal farewell to this long because of financial problems has been focused in the media under the central level, make him bid farewell to a memorable life The “sadly.”

This day, he joined the Huayuan Group happens to be the first 900 days.
Join Huayuan Two and a half ago, Huayuan Group Finance Director of the long hanging open, group head of Zhou Yucheng hopes to introduce from outside the operation of a young and have a experience of big enterprises, professional people. After a selection, the ultimate goal of Worldbest when he was locked in a SW Securities Limited (the “SW”), Assistant to the President and General Manager of Finance and Accounting management consultancy Xu.

2003 8 months, Zhou Yucheng Gu Xu, through the relevant channels to the “hello” to seek his advice.

“I told Huayuan very fate.” Gu Xu said. In the year, SW just 600 million yuan corporate bond underwriting Worldbest. After receiving the invitation

Zhou Yucheng, Gu Xu Hua Yuan began to study, he asked aides to collect from the Internet can find all the information about Huayuan. “Including its financial statements for the first 3 years, a full foot thick materials, spent 3 months to study.” Gu Xu said.

Finally, he reached a conclusion?? Huayuan integration can not be non-significant.

Just as university teachers from the same switch to join the securities industry, like the challenges he has made a bold choice?? Unclear as the future of the Huayuan Group Financial Controller. BOLA TANGKAS