Guandu Install Anti

Guandu District on both sides of the street outside the pick-style Security Cage was removed immediately after the installation specifications unified embedded security bar. Built-in security bar and installation costs will be borne by the government “pays the bill.” February 24, learned from the Guandu District, the district will be held March 15 to complete the area for more than 24 sides of the road 30 meters along the street outside the pick-type anti-theft cage housing demolition job, covering about 3000 households.

“The newly installed built-in security bar without a penny out of us, Security Type of challenge than anti-theft cage outside is much more reliable, and we certainly support the dismantling work. “Yesterday, who lives in Guandu District No. 1 Yongshan Road, home of Mr. Liu watched the newly installed anti-theft bar, said happily. Built-in security bar is made of stainless steel materials, set more reasonable, specifically left a” Escape Door “, in the event Fire , Gas leaks and other emergencies, not only the convenience of residents to escape, so that rescue workers can quickly enter a place for the rescue.

Guandu District rectification of anti-theft cage divided into three phases. The first stage is the removal of public officers of all the region’s security cage at home, on January 4 this year has been completed; the second phase of work is being carried out, the main scope of the “four vertical and three horizontal two-ring” on both sides of the outer housing challenge-type anti-theft cage, this part of the ordinary for the residents of Guandu area, about 3000. “Removal fee to adopt a material arrived in the form of paid work, built-in security bar and installation charges are all from the government ‘pays the bill’.” Guandu District, said the person in charge of relevant departments, the work of the street from the Guandu District Office Organization community workers, in-depth family households conducted detailed information, explanation and persuasion, having received the consent of all households for each residential, comprehensive administrative enforcement by the district branch organizational professional installation Company Built-in anti-theft bar the reunification of transformation. Transformation of the implementation of “dismantle old machinery with new equipment that is dismantled.”

Production and installation of built-in security field units access to public bidding method, the first of these units to replace the tenants Loaning, pending audit, settlement is completed, and then by the district treasury. Po ongoing sea, road and other roads on both sides of the street Yongshan security cage building demolition, installation, and the remaining sections of the work has been supported by the majority of residents, demolition work will be installed. The third phase of anti-theft cage

rectification work, including the scope of the back Street back alleys, etc., will be completed on September 30. All works to be completed, all roads to reach the city Guandu colors and lighting and landscaping requirements, showing “a King Street,” city characteristics.