Guangdong Home Appliance Manufacturing Bottlenecks Breakout Go?


 The end of 2005, Guangdong has always been good at it alone household appliance industry, and finally willing to sit down and reflect on the review itself, but also learn to save themselves the Baotuan. This was in trouble, Guangdong manufacturing “forced” out.

2005 9 months, Kelon Electrical sold valued 900 million yuan over to battle it in the north end counterparts Hisense; December 23, king of washing machines have the power, in the foot several times changed hands after the sale difficult transition path; end color TV giant Skyworth, Konka once again raise the coaching change to strengthen the performance of evolutions; and determined to take the lead in the TCL Group’s overseas expansion, throughout the year in 2005 since the end of last year in efforts to overcome the successive swallowing of Thomson, Alcatel brings some of the world after the manufacturing operations of “indigestion” … …

Glory more than 20 years of “Guangdong” can feel the rapid expansion in 2005 marked the chill. In addition to air conditioners, refrigerators, Guangdong exports experienced a large landslide, the Pearl River Delta export a large number of OEM companies forced to close due to the adverse export.

How the manufacturing in Guangdong? By the end of December, including the United States and the CEO He Xiangjian, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng Group, including the biggest names in the Guangdong home appliance industry come together again to collectively reflect on business philosophy, and repeat sound management, innovation and competition kept the road.

Far from home appliances to power in Guangdong

The end of 2005, the overall strength of manufacturing in Guangdong still not be underestimated. As the earliest form of Chinese home appliance industry groups, Guangdong refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans one-third of overall production, the Guangdong-made fan, toaster, kettle’s export volume of total exports half. TCL, Midea, Kelon, Gree, Skyworth and other household electrical appliance enterprises in Guangdong represented groups and renowned brands in the industry have a higher degree. Many medium and small household appliances manufacturer, accessories factory and service providers with the characteristics of the formation of Shunde, Zhongshan, South China Sea, Zhanjiang industry groups, as well as Shenzhen, Dongguan, two export processing zones, it is laid in this country and the Guangdong world’s largest home appliances production base and export base of the foundation.

However, in order to expand the total market demand based on the rapid growth of the industry, the intense competition in the domestic appliance and the increasing challenges of technological and trade barriers under the current appliances industry in the whole of Guangdong are appear to be dropping, the development of bottlenecks.

He Xiangjian

also have strong feelings on this, “today’s home appliances industry is no longer simply an internal or external competition, more foreign home appliance giants are among the comprehensive competitiveness. But the scale of previous years, home electrical appliance industry in Guangdong Development of speed too fast after-effects, since this year has been gradually revealed. “

Industry experts pointed out that the sum, which the famous Guangdong manufacturing to OEM cooperation, cost-oriented and export-oriented based competitive advantage, the current has become a drag on manufacturing in Guangdong’s biggest disadvantage.

Deviate from the core technology research and development, the pursuit of short-term scale, low-cost leadership strategy behind it, but also create a direct result of the lack of a strong brand operating in Guangdong. Such as TCL, beauty, Skyworth, Galanz other large appliances, or Macro, 10000, and, Vantage such as kitchen and small appliances, its brand positioning in the domestic market is not really high. In contrast, Qingdao Haier, one of the world brands already out.

Core technology and the lack of high-premium brands, resulting in low added value of Guangdong home appliance products, weak competitiveness. Industry experts issued a warning, from the current situation of home appliance industry, manufacturing in Guangdong’s R & D investment less than previous neglect, lack of core technology issues such as independence, will be gradually exposed.

To the “Guangdong to create a” transformation into a consensus

Chinese appliance Association Huodu Fang, end of the year manufactured in Zhongshan, Guangdong pulse out after the prescription: “Guangdong enterprises must abandon ‘three high’ (high input, high energy consumption, high pollution) at the expense of the extensive economic growth model, instead optimizing the industrial structure, rely on technological innovation to improve investment efficiency and effectiveness. Guangdong manufacturers should aim for the global manufacturing center, global marketing center and a global R & D center triad. “

In fact, Guangdong big dogs giant has been thinking ahead to the “Guangdong to create” transition issues, gathered from several giant discussion of view, relying on innovation and upgrading its industries, is becoming the consensus of Guangdong home appliance industry.

Started by OEM global manufacturing firm located in Yuyao Chang admitted Galanz Group Vice President, OEM Galanz way through the formation of the most powerful manufacturing scale, but the direction of future efforts will be the main independent brands, enhance R & D strength, will Galanz upgrade from a manufacturing base for global manufacturing center.

TCL Group in the difficult integration of Thomson and Alcatel’s global manufacturing operations at the same time, the first to spend its revenue on R & D under the command, obviously is another Mousuan. BOLA TANGKAS