Guide to Public Speaking and Presentations

To make your audience more attentive and make them develop interest in you subject, you need to understand the basic principles of enhancing public speaking and making good presentations.

They include:

Relevant Topics

Audience will give attention to something they consider relevance to their own lives. Always research you topics well, and make sure the information you give will be of benefit to the audience.


Audience will not clearly see the relevance of the subject, without the main implications of the subject being highlighted. Explain the significance of the information you are giving, probably you can use examples.


People are usually bored listening to anything or anyone that does not change. Avoid repetition, and trying changing tone of your voice. Trying using gestures in your demonstrations. Avoid Distracters Audience will be distracted by small unusual things. For example jiggling keys. Dress comfortably and smartly before presentation.

Tips on Enhancing Presentation

Having gone through the above principles on enhancing public speaking, I have tips you can employ when preparing to make a presentation.

I. Within the very first minutes of your presentation, try as much as possible to see your subject from audience perspective. This will aid the audience to establish the relevance of you presentation and thus trigger their interest to know more on what you have to say.

II. Put more emphasis on your key points. Most likely the period of doing presentation is very short, even when you are supposed to cover wide topics. This implies that the audience is highly likely to retain a portion of intended information. Make them retain the most important information, but putting heavy emphasis on major points. This can be achieved through use of illustrations, verbal emphasis, gestures among others.

III. Avoid creating monotonous mood at all cost. A good public speaker will use elements of change to maintain the audience attention. Make yourself a changing focal point to draw more and more attention. There are many elements of change you can use depending on the kind of presentation and the type of audience. They may include: use of audio-visual materials, varying speed of speech, gestures among others.