Guys, There Is No Need for a Hair Transplant! Read These 3 Best Hair Loss Treatments for Black Men

The loss of one’s hair can have an impact on one’s self esteem and confidence, and this is especially true for many African American males For this reason, numerous African American men are choosing to fight back against this condition through various non-surgical means. Because African American hair requires more treatment to maintain healthy strands such as more moisture, many have found that treating hair loss in black men is very successful when done by more natural and non-invasive methods.

One of the most effective forms of non surgical treatment for hair loss is cosmetic tattooing hair simulation. Essentially, cosmetic tattooing hair simulation is the process of tattooing certain areas of the body for cosmetic reasons. The simulation of hair in thinning areas of the creates the appearance of a fuller head of hair. In some instances, some patients have stated that the tattooing process actually stimulated the growth of new hair on their scalps. Because the simulated hair is essentially a tattoo, it is imperative that an individual ensure the person performing the procedure is properly licensed.

Topical minoxidil is another non surgical method of treating hair loss in black men. This medication is applied topically to one’s scalp, and it is primarily designed to treat individuals who suffer from alopecia and male patterned baldness. Topical minoxidil can only be obtained through a prescription by a dermatologist. Generally, ten to twenty drops of the medication are applied to affected areas of the scalp, and it is gently rubbed in. The medicine should be left to sit, undisturbed, for approximately four hours. For this reason, many men choose to apply it before bedtime. It can take between eight to twelve weeks before visible results become noticeable.

Hot oil treatments are yet another non surgical method of treating hair loss for black men. Hot oil treatments are beneficial, because they provide the additional conditioning and moisture that African American hair often requires. Furthermore, because they are mostly comprised of natural ingredients, they will not aggravate or irritate an individual’s scalp. Ideally, hot oil treatments should be used approximately two to three times a week. It is important for an individual not to use them too often, because the heavy oils in the treatment can potentially clog the hair follicles of the scalp, which would prevent the growth of new hair. After the hot oil treatment has been applied to one’s scalp, it should be allowed to sit for fifteen to thirty minutes before it is washed out.