Happiness is Giving and Receiving

This Universal Law impacts us in ways that allow us to live in abundance or keep that abundance from us. It’s the “Law of Giving”. The whole concept of whatever it is that you want to have in life, give it away to others and then the Universe, completing a cycle of giving and receiving, will bring it back to you.

So the Universal Law of Giving goes hand in hand with the Universal Law of Receiving. It’s a cycle that must be completed. If all you ever do is give, give, give, give, give, and when people want to give to you–you don’t let it in, you don’t accept it–then the Universe is going to not let you give anymore. It will take away what you have so you won’t be able to give.

And if you’re somebody who’s just receiving, receiving, receiving, the Universe will stop the flow toward you because you’re not giving. You’re here to receive for the sake of sharing.

For instance, if you want more love, give love to others. If you want more money, then give what you have – if you have extra food or extra clothes. Do you really need three winter coats? Give to others.

Oh, one note on that subject…I used to work in a homeless shelter. Realize that people are people and they have pride and self esteem. When you’re giving something to a shelter or some kind of shop that will then give it to people who don’t have, be sure it’s clean and in good condition. Let somebody maintain their dignity. Well actually, no place is going to give away something that isn’t clean and crisp that a person can feel good wearing. That’s just a comment to consider when giving away used items.

So that’s the Law of Giving going hand-in-hand with the Law of Receiving. Realize when you give something to someone, you’re not necessarily going to get it back from that someone. You’re not necessarily going to get it back in the same form. So that if you’re giving somebody, say, some clothing you no longer wear, somebody might offer you a chance to spend a week with them on their boat out in the Caribbean or something like that.

My point is, it isn’t a 1-for-1 match what you give and what you receive. Always give that which you seek so the Universe can bring it back to you, and return it to you ten-fold if you’re giving from your heart and you’re giving because you really want to.

It doesn’t work if you’re giving because you figure “Well if I give $ 10 away and I get it back ten-fold, so that’s $ 100 back” and that’s why you’re giving it. No! No! You give because you want to give – because it’s going to make a difference in how you feel about yourself impacting another’s life – and how that person is going to feel about themselves. Whenever you’re making any decision about anything, consider how you’re going to feel and consider the impact it will have on everyone concerned.