Happy Nappers Read First!

Thinking of buying a happy nappers?  There are many sites selling them, and some are immitations of this popular pillow!  Make sure you buy from a reputable source who sells the Official Happy Nappers brand.

We bought from the official site and would with all the sites out there, felt this was the best way to get the authentic pillow!

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In case you haven’t heard about Happy Nappers yet, let me tell you just how cool these things are. My daughter is a bonafide Pillow Pet junkie, I believe she has the entire collection at this point. Then she saw the Happy Nappers and fell in love all over again. It amazes me how companies can keep coming up with such neat ideas for kids toys. Anyway, what I can tell you is my daughter hated taking a nap until I got her something fun to play with yet snugly in bed. She carries her Happy Napper around all day long and it has to go with us every place we go now.

Having a comfort item like a Happy Napper is important to kids and it teaches them to love and respect people and animals. As a parent, having something like a Happy Napper that your child is addicted too makes it so much easier to get your child to listen. All I have to do is pick up her Happy Napper when she is not listening and all of the sudden I have her undivided attention. When it is time for a nap, I pick up the happy Napper and take it to her room, and she immediately follows and climbs right into bed with it, no fuss no muss. They have a variety of animals to choose from and there should be one to satisfy every kids imagination I would think.

Like I said, my daughter loved her Pillow Pet, but the Happy Napper is really an improvement on the already brilliant concept of a transformable stuffed animal. They are animals, with an appropriate home to go along with them. This makes them much more interesting as a play thing than simply folding them up with a strap like a pillow pet. Check out their website to see all the cool varieties they have of these things already! They have the  Barn to Cow, Castle to Dragon, Bungalow to Ladybug, Igloo to Penguin, Dog House to Dog,  and the Palace to Unicorn online now!