Harnessing alternative energy is the way to go

AS PER the scientific definition of energy it can neither be created nor be destroyed; only its form can be changed. If we go by the aforementioned definition, the world needs to curb down the practice of generating energy through fossil fuels and switch towards alternative ways to fulfill the huge demand without causing any danger to our environment. Today, we live in a machine era, and to run a machine some form of energy is required.

Some forms of energy cause more harm to the environment, others cause less harm, and yet there are some that are totally harmless. So, why not switch to those forms wherein the work is done without hampering the biological balance of our earth. The best option in that respect is alternative sources of energy, as they are popularly called, basically energy that is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly.

Man has been basically using fossil-fuels in the form of oil, gas and coal to generate energy to meet the demands, though these are also renewable but they take centuries to renew and in turn harm the current ecological balance. The climate change concerns, coupled with high oil, coal and gas prices have forced the governments across the world to fall back on renewable energy sources. At the same time, the scarcity of fossil-fuels has also brought about a change in the mindset of the authorities to adopt those means which are easily available and non-hazardous.

The world has adopted various means for generating energy in the last two centuries, but a change is definitely witnessed over the recent times by switching over to the older ways of generating power. We all know how global warming endangers human health and welfare. The switch from coal and other fossil fuels to greener wind-based energy will mitigate CO2 emissions, thereby reducing pollution. Renewable energy is one such option, as energy created with the help of sun, water and wind will never get scarce or exhausted, and totally harmless to environment or mankind.

Renewable energy is obtained in the form of electricity and heat energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, biomass, bio-fuels and geothermal heat, which get constantly and naturally replenished.

From an Indian perspective, a lot can be achieved if proper emphasis is put on renewable energy adoption. The demand of energy is much higher than the availability, and by emphasizing on these sources of energy, the populace in the country can definitely be benefited, especially those in rural areas. India is blessed with plenty of renewable energy resources. All it needs is proper channelising of resources for optimum result. The steps taken on the part of government are encouraging, but still a lot needs to be done before the desired goal is attained.