Having The Best Experience At La Trattoria Martinsburg WV

Italian food is like no other food. This is because it is made with much passion. Food runs deep in the blood of the Italian nation. For this reason many people find their way down to the La Trattoria Martinsburg WV. Note that their pasta comes in different shapes. Shape to the Italians is so very important.

One of the famous sauces made by these people is a tomato-based sauce with bacon. It is usually served with the pasta that looks like spaghetti with a large hole in the middle. The Italians can get quite pedantic about what sauce is served with what pasta.

While most of the word drinks coffee, in Italy the drink is cappuccino. This is coffee, milk with an added amount of milk foam. This only drank at breakfast time. It is only rarely that you will find Italians drinking this beverage at night-time.

It is not considered good etiquette to order this beverage when having supper with an Italian it is seriously frowned upon. Most often when these people meet, they will have a drink. It is associated with greeting each other. They also have some suspicion as to how glasses should be placed in relation the jug. Placing the galls behind or on the right side of the jug is considered to be bad luck.

Many countries serve salad as an entree. In Italy salad is served as an accompanying dish to the second course. These salads are also generally quite light.

In Italy lunchtime is respected. Restaurants will close their kitchens at half past two in the afternoon. One will only be able to find a sandwich after this time. Italians who travel abroad will prefer to eat Italian food. They are not adventurous like other tourists might be when it comes to food. Luckily for them they can go to La Trattoria Martinsburg WV