Having Weber Barbecue Grills As Smokers

Weber barbecues are popularly sold across the world as a leading brand in the world of grilling, and are the choice of a lot of amateur and professional grillers whenever they want to grill mouthwatering dishes outdoors. However, if you want to smoke meat or vegetables, you can easily turn your Weber barbecue grill into a smoker at no time, adding extra flavor to whatever dish you are cooking on your grill.

Smokers involve a different way of cooking. Rather than having the heat of the live coals to cook the meat, the smoke that the coals and embers produce is used to cook the meat. Using different wood chips also give the meat various flavors, thus giving a fresh new taste at the same time.

Decide on the type of wood chips that you want to use in your smoker. Most of the wood chips can be bought either at a hardware shop or in a supermarket. Soak the wood chips as instructed on the packaging. Wood chips are typically required to be soaked overnight. You also have to make sure that the wood chips that you are buying are of hard wood like hickory, maple or oak.

You can purchase separate smoker unit that will fit into your Weber barbecues, or you can easily improvise and make one that will fit inside the grill. You could take two foil pie plates to make your homemade smoker. Place the soaked wood chips into one pie plate, and fill the plate so the basin portion of the grill is full.

Punch a number of small holes or perforations into the second pie plate, then place it on top of the first pie plate and seal it by folding an edge of the pie plate over the other. If your Weber barbecues have a split grill, elevate it on the highest point and pull down the other side.

Lastly, put your foil smoker on the lower side of the grill, turning the heat on this side to high. Turn the heat on the side where your food to be smoked is to low. This will allow the smoke of the wood chips to cook the food. If possible, seal any gaps on your barbecue with foil, as you have to retain as much smoke as possible inside your Weber barbecues. BOLA TANGKAS