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Hangzhou to her world-famous beautiful West Lake. “There is heaven on Earth”, the famous Chinese slogan almost known to everybody expressed the ages of the people of the city full of myth and history “Fairyland Paradise” and heartfelt praise. Hangzhou is currently

Zhejiang Capital, the urban population of 1.12 million, is located in the Qiantang River alluvial plain, is well-known Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal terminal. China’s seven ancient capitals, Hangzhou is one of more than 2200 years of history, ancient Qiantang, Linan, Wu Yue, Song has its capital here, is a famous historical and cultural city, the international landscape

Travel City. Early in the 13th century, it was the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo praised as “the world’s most

Miramar Your City. ” Well known as the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou important transportation hub and distribution center for goods, as early as the Ming and Qing periods of Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou is

Business Center, beginning in the open area of Hangzhou, Zhejiang had already become an important wholesale center. Particularly in North East China Qiutao

Home Appliances Market, it is known far and wide consumer electronics goods distribution market, and can be compared with the Zhejiang Yiwu, its commercial radiation throughout the near and far provinces. Here, busy, crowded inside the building, and good bustling prosperity.

Had me walk for this year, China did not fix me. After hard for me to Hangzhou and Yiwu, the two market places. Has been extremely exciting friends. Therefore, in December 8, 2007 me sit on the early the car to Hangzhou, but high-speed traffic congestion, and other consumer electronics market to reach Hangzhou of East China has 11 of the.

BMW Electrical The total contact me summer market

Management Office of the factory to find the ultimate venue set at Dongdaemun market. Time set at 14:00. I and our local Depiction first went door to door distribution of personnel invitations, dealers know that we are

HC Network The very warm. Said to them of our Business

Purchase Is a big help. Hope to continue to receive. Saying that there is really nice site with book events. At 2 pm and not to, activities such as the scene where the dealers have. At 2 o’clock already gather a lot of dealers, once the scene of unrest. I did not really experience the Chinese line a bit by surprise, less than half an hour Daquan books have been made complete. Then we went next door to the province of home appliances market, did not have time to go to the scene where the leading business book sent to the relevant information within the industry. Back to BMW after the event against the total electrical shop and bid farewell to summer, the total return of our summer trip to mention the word China and Zhu Huicong better and better!

Sitting rushed to my second leg of Yiwu of China’s car, a myriad of thoughts, HC network ups and downs through 15 years, is China B2B

E-commerce Network leader, is to have 3,000 operational personnel listed companies. As a HC, a

Clerk Proud distributors and manufacturers in the country believe the HC network support will be even more brilliant tomorrow!

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