HCG Diet Talk: What Is Going On With The Buffalo?

There is tons of HCG diet talk making the rounds. But I find it shocking just how little of it has addressed the question of buffalo. Did you just wonder why I think there is a question regarding buffalo? it is obvious once you think about it! How many of us eat buffalo on a regularly? Not too many of us have ever even tried it!

But buffalo is one of the lean proteins that is approved for the HCG diet. So that alone should probably ensure that it be a topic of “talk”. What are its advantages? Why is it so unique as to be included? Is it more advantageous than other lean proteins? When it comes to approved beef…the HCG diet limits us to certain cuts of meat, but buffalo doesn’t hold any such limitations. Is it just that much more healthy for us? And if so…then why don’t we all know all about it and eat it all the time?  

Beef vs. Buffalo:  

1. A lot of people actually consider buffalo tastier than beef.

2. Is it a healthy option? Yes, it is. It is actually 70 to 90% lower in fat than beef. And it has an average of 50% less cholesterol.

3. Buffalo is higher in protein than beef. It also provides more omega acids, amino acids, and iron than beef.

4. Buffalo is far less likely to contain antibodies or growth hormones in comparison to beef.

5. Other interesting facts that might make you like buffalo more: buffalo are generally raised on open grassland where they spend their time grazing on natural grass. This limits the possibilities that they would ever be a problem when it comes to issues like mad cow disease. And…this may be disturbing for you…buffalo don’t defecate in their own water source like cows and sheep frequently do. More than making me like buffalo more…that tidbit makes me like both sheep and cows a little less. Did it have that effect on you?

It’s kind of shocking that this particular topic hasn’t seen more HCG diet talk. I, myself, am feeling the need to incorporate more buffalo into my diet. It’s supposedly more tasty, more healthy and less tampered with than the beef that we all depend on so heavily.