Hd 5.0 Billion Chip Business Looking To Bring High

4 Chief Engineer, United Group, yesterday said Zhang Jun, China’s first high-definition video decoder chip will be middle of this month and mass production, such as all goes well, this year in June, the assembly of Chongqing is high-definition video decoder chip set-top box will appear on the market. The project is expected to bring 5.0 billion of the IT business, people do not buy expensive imports in the future watch high-definition TV.

 Low bid for French technical team

 This reporter learned that high-definition video decoder chip is currently no mature domestic product, both in research and development among the various, Chongqing will become the first quadruple digital high-definition video chips, birthplace, by the cheap acquisition of the French technical team.

 “Right now digital high-definition video chips, the core technology and the whole market, U.S. and European companies are monopolies.” Quadruple Group Vice Chairman Wu Peng said, let the people at the lowest cost, to enjoy the highest quality digital high-definition TV, to be developed chip with independent intellectual property rights. This group conducted four joint technology integration at a low price buy Thomson’s semiconductor lab located in Beijing core team. Bearer of the team, though only 30, but the accumulation of the global semiconductor outstanding talent, who developed the chip, the company made an important contribution.

 Zhang Jun said that the chip quadruple image transmission in high-tech is a global leading position.

 Production base in Taiwan

 Foxconn to set up base in Chongqing, quadruple production of chips put the production line open to Taiwan. Zhang Jun said that the digital high-definition video chip relies on technology to make money, four associated companies commissioning OEM production in Taiwan, and Foxconn to move their production bases in Chongqing, is the same reason.

 It is reported that the global IC industry chain, supporting 85% of capacity in Taiwan, but in high-definition video chips, piece of cake, the greatest is the end product. Zhang Jun said the company plans to achieve annual production scale of 2015, 10 million, production value of nearly 1 billion. Chip products in the industry chain, industry-recognized standard of 5 times magnification, the end product as much as 5 billion market size.

 HD set-top box prices may be lower

 The emergence of China-made high-definition chip prices will bring the domestic public benefits. Zhang Jun, at present, domestic or household use most of the prices of 400 to 800 yuan between the standard definition digital set-top boxes, and the present high-definition set-top boxes sold in Chongqing market prices as high as 1,999 yuan. Quadruple chip factory price is expected to at least less than one-third of similar foreign products, which could reduce the price of HD digital terminal products.

 Zhang Jun also said the future of high-definition video chips can achieve the perfect combination of TV and set-top box directly to the TV in the chip implanted, direct watch high-definition television programs, and the chip can achieve compatibility – also normal non-HD channels Play.

 It is understood that, in accordance with the relevant requirements, 2015, the national each province, municipalities and autonomous regions should provide a high-definition television programs on the satellite, while the basic stop broadcasting analog TV signals, the full realization of digital HD signal cable, wireless and satellite broadcast.

 Dealer after another to make the partnership

 Quadruple high definition video decoder chip not available, negotiate sales and technical cooperation, dealers have been heard, the middle, and even the world’s largest open-end digital pay TV solutions provider – Murdoch News Group core business NDS. Yesterday, reporter learned from the four groups together, the two sides are negotiating the details of cooperation will temporarily disclosed.

 NDS Group, the core services, entertainment and information is securely transmitted to television set-top boxes and personal computers, digital interactive cable television in Sichuan Province is currently using the services of the company. BOLA TANGKAS