HDMI over CAT5: Extend HDMI devices without the limitation of distance

Long distance HDMI extension is made possible by using the HDMI Extender. Since HDMI cables have a restriction on the distance to which the video signals can be extended, the HDMI over CAT5 extender was designed. This device uses Category 5 or 6 cables for connecting the source and display devices. Consisting of a local transmitter which is placed next to the computer or other video source and a remote receiver placed next to the display, this compact extension device relays uncompressed digital streams. The image which is displayed is as clear as it would be if directly connected to the display device. Resolutions supported vary with different distances at which the source and display are placed. At 60M, the resolution is 1080p and 60MHz while at 120M it is 1080i and 60MHz.

Both HDMI as well as DVI inputs can be supported by this Cat5 HDMI Extension device. Following a standard IEEE-168B protocol, it has features like auto adjustment of feedback, equalization and amplification. Some models are also available with Infra red remote control and can extend video up to a distance of 330 feet. Other models use two easy to install twisted pair of Cat6 cables for longer transmission or a single cable for shorter distances. Compatible with almost all operating systems, these devices support digital video along with audio. HDCP compliant, it also supports DDWG standards for HDMI compliant monitors. Along with this, it is also compliant with standard modulated IR and the latest IRDA. 

The home theater experience can be enhanced using this Audio video Extender as it relays both audio and video in real time. One can connect their PCs to the latest LCD monitors or TVs and watch movies or browse the internet in high definition. Data broadcasting institutions, training and presentation facilities, corporate and educational environments and digital signage applications can all use this device. Operating on plug and play functionality, HDMI video can be easily extended to large distances without running multiple wires from source components to a display device. This results in reduced costs and higher ROI.

This device supports protection of copyrighted digital content and encrypts the video signal between the source device and the display. This feature ensures that the HDMI over Cat5 Extender is widely used in security and surveillance organizations.