He Says He Need Space – Is He Going To Break Up

For a man to fall in love with you, he needs to think about you and to think about you, he needs to miss you. If he said he needed space, well he sure isn’t missing you is he? If he said he needs his space, you can rest assured you have been around too much. Maybe you are calling him, wanting to know what he is doing. He sees this as checking up on him and a huge threat to his freedom.

Here is a true story about how a woman gave a man his space by accident and turned her relationship around. Sherry and Matt had been dating for about 6 months. Matt started calling less, and the distancing himself. After she asked him several times what was going on, he finally told her he needed his space. She was distraught. He was losing interest. She was sure she was losing him. Fact is, she later found out, she was in losing him.

As fate would have it though, Sherry got a contract with her employer where she had to go out of town for weeks at the time. From her hotel room, her phone got poor reception. She couldn’t call him and he couldn’t call her. She had no choice, she gave him his space. It was killing her. She wanted to talk to him, convince him that it could work.

Funny thing happened. Matt wasn’t hearing from Sherry much anymore. He started wondering if she had moved on. He started missing her. He started thinking about her. She came home for the weekend and they had a great time. Monday though, she had to leave again. This time Matt made arrangements of a time they could talk. Space? Matt forgot all about how he needed his space. The distance between him and Sherry reignited his attraction for her.

What happened here is that Sherry wasn’t always available anymore. This made him start thinking about her. A man can’t think about you if you are always around. To fall in love, a man has to think about you. If your guy says he wants his space, and you don’t want to lose him for good, give it to him. Allow him to miss you. Don’t be one of those women who are wondering why he disappeared.