He Xiangjian: The Beauty Of Home Appliances From The Streets Of The Factory Accomplishing The Top

The street factories into “the top three home appliance”
1968, the He Xiangjian led the 23 individuals in Guangdong Shunde founded the “North Street office plastic production group”, that is the predecessor of the U.S. group, the production of medicinal glass bottles and plastic caps, later changing to a small generator

Fitting Etc. He Xiangjian carrying these gadgets travel extensively to find the market, train the exception of market sensitive sense of smell.

1980 began manufacturing the fan into the appliance industry; in 1992 to promote the beauty resolutely carry out shareholding system reform. Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1993, became the first made by the township enterprises in the restructuring of listed companies; in 1997 to promote the division system reform, for the group “second pioneering” laid a solid foundation; in 1999 within the whole group to implement employee stock ownership system, to promote reform of property rights and allocation mechanisms so that employees and companies form a “community of destiny”; in 2001 the company completed the acquisition of senior managers options to further improve the modern enterprise system. Mr. He Xiangjian has won “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Guangdong Province”, “First

Air conditioning King, “” outstanding Communist Guangdong Province “,” Outstanding Rural Entrepreneurs “,” Guangdong Province ’51’ Labor Medal “,” national model worker “and a series of honorary titles. Midea Group now has total assets of 9.0 billion The accumulated tax 3.0 billion, a trademark of brand value over U.S. 37.829 billion yuan. America’s air-conditioning, compressors,

Fan , Nine leading products such as micro-motor sales amount all ranks the top three. At that time the streets of the factory now has become China’s largest appliance manufacturers.

2001 years the United appliance enterprises in China Ranking in second place. In 2002 sales revenue of 15 billion yuan, export 330 million U.S. dollars. Into the automobile industry since 2003. In 2005, the United States and the Group’s overall sales revenue reached 45.6 billion yuan, up 40%, of which exports more than 1.76 billion U.S. dollars, up 65%. In 2007, the United States and the Group’s overall sales revenue of 750 billion yuan (3.12 billion U.S. dollars of which overseas sales), recently announced the “2007 China’s most valuable brand,” the assessment, the United States and the brand value from 2004 20.118 billion yuan to 37.829 billion yuan jumped, ranking seventh in the country’s most valuable brand.

He was active in charity, in recent years, the United States for various types of public welfare, education and other donated money and the cumulative value of more than 8000 million, and paid more than 9.0 billion total revenue. It is this high degree of social responsibility to the United States by winning the “Best Responsible Business” prize. Hoogewerf released in “2005 China Charity mainland companies list”, the Guangdong Midea Group ranked No. 30, is the only Ranking Foshan charitable enterprise.

In noisy under the influence of the external environment, whether He Xiangjian I or the group, has been unwilling to continue limited to making money the old appliance manufacturing. At that time, the U.S. group is negotiating a project no less than 10, including electricity, highways, boilers, buses and other fields, plans for new project investment budget of 3.0 billion. America’s first swallow of Yunnan, Hunan and other places of the bus companies, cross the automotive industry. Followed by re-acquisition of a state-owned enterprises through the background, Rongshida, Hualing, relatively new to large-scale access to their large areas of central air conditioning and ice wash.

He Xiangjian Management Quotations He Xiangjian language video “Still waters run deep” corporate culture “would rather give up 1 million yuan sales income, never let a useful talent” talent strategy, “would rather walk a step or two slow, half a step can not be wrong “,” would rather make less money 12 billion, not out of hand, sure you do a century-old “business strategy,” the liberation of the United States with a capital of “the capital operation thinking,” America’s only constant is change ” sense of innovation and change, “authoritarian tactics, ordered the separation of powers, authorized to have chapters, with the right to a degree of” management principles … … from time to get on with it, He Xiangjian early entrepreneurs of the new China, so from the man, doing things, values, ideas have a profound “political” character. He Xiangjian repeatedly mentioned as “can not engage in politics, but must understand politics”, in fact, He Xiangjian the same period, as he almost Zhang Haier, Lenovo’s Liu,

The Ni Runfeng, Wahaha’s Zong and others, are familiar with China’s political way, and how political BOLA TANGKAS