Head Scarves – Finding the Best For You!

Head scarves and you! A fantastic accessory for women that has been overlooked for the past centuries is the head scarf. Iconic people have used this item to enhance the glamour of looks and creative styles. Today, only few people use this to their advantage because it is not the “in” thing. But with a little innovation and style, head scarves will be the next big thing to hit the fashion culture.

With its bold color and design, head scarves can add flavor and tone to an ordinary or sever-looking outfit. They come in different shapes, sizes, and have an eclectic range of style possibilities. Numerous styles can be achieved by the tie of the scarf. And as time goes by, more and more varieties will come up which will make head scarves an essential item in the fashion industry.

There are multiple ways to tie a head scarf if you are looking to cover your head or hairstyle. One of the most popular styles of tying your head scarf is the Grace Kelly Style. This style was popularized by many women who were losing their hair due to cancer treatment. Other ways to tie a head scarf are the Dutch Crown and the Butterfly.

The Dutch Crown is a tie perfect if you’re looking to add a bit of height and body to your head. Any rectangular scarf will be good for this tie. To make the Dutch Crown, evenly place the scarf over the middle of your head. Tie it once at the back and remaining ends should be of the same length. Next, twist the remaining two ends and bring them over the top of your head and tie them once. Lastly, tuck in the two tails over and under the band you created.

For the Butterfly you need two scarves to create this amazing head piece. Take one scarf and fold it into a triangle and evenly place it over your head. Do the same with the other scarf but place it an inch lower than the first scarf. Then take the inch that’s protruding from the first scarf and fold it over the second scarf. Take all of the four ends and tie the scarf at the back of your head and push it behind your shoulder.

There are endless possibilities to make you look gorgeous and these are just some tips on how you can do that. Don’t be scared to mix up shapes and colors, for all you know it could be the next “in” thing this season.

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