Headsets: Making Your Life More Exciting

Headset is a communicative device which helps you to listen to music privately when someone else in the room is doing something else. There is a wide range of varieties in headphones such as wireless or blue tooth headsets which provides better connectivity.

In today’s world of technological advancement every body is trying their level best to survive in this competition. As now the telecommunication world has introduced a new technique to hear your calls and can easily listen to music privately with the help of a headset. Introduction of headphones has revolutionized the mobile world by its mind blowing features such as blue tooth headsets are totally wireless so it allows the user to listen to music, to pick up the calls wherever there are in their house. As it is said that “every coin has two phases” so according to this saying ear buds also contain certain demerits along with its merits.

This device is proved beneficial for everybody except drivers. As every mobile user is using this mobile accessory nowadays so it is quite dangerous for them to drive while listening to music. Because of these headphones in their ears the persons driving a car or a bike are not able to hear the sirens given by other vehicles to drive safely on the road. Drivers are sometimes benefited with this device as they do not have to take their hands off the staring while driving to pick up any call or to change the songs played in their MP3 player. It also helps the user in listening to songs without disturbing others and it helps you to listen to your favorite songs through your blue tooth headset while other people in the car is busy in listening to some other songs by the MP3 player installed in the car.

The major disadvantage of these headsets for a driver is that when he turns up the volume of the music so it is quite obvious to avoid the important sirens given by emergency vehicles such as ambulance and police jeep. It is difficult for such listeners to hear these auditory clues which are very necessary to be heard so that the emergency vehicles can easily move at a high speed even if there is a huge traffic on the road. Taking these points in consideration states have made certain laws regarding this behavior as they have made certain limitations to use headphones by a driver only in his single ear so that he can pay attention to the horns and sirens given by other vehicles.

Home phones as the name suggests are used by the people at home only they cannot be carried at your office and in your vehicle because it is connected by a cable wire. Another variety of the phone is the cordless phones which do not contain any wire so it can be carried up at any place but these two phones cannot provide the facility of a headset.

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