Health and Beer

Among the many drinks available today, beer is a well-loved beverage the world over. The sad thing is, it’s also widely misconstrued. Due to its alcohol content, a lot of people can’t even stand its smell nor its taste. They say beer is not good because it makes people go out of their senses when they’re drunk or even sick. Naturally, there’s no denying that these two are highly possible under certain conditions. But when it comes to beer itself, there may be a lot that has yet to be known by the majority.

One of the usually surprising things both beer lovers and haters may not know is that it’s actually good for the health. For example, it lowers the incidence of heart disease in men by 30-60%, especially in those who have a history of heart ailments. There’s also a study that says beer can help a person avoid diabetes by as much as 36% as backed by the established link between beer and reduced insulin resistance. Some studies have also proved that the drink helps people grow bones because it contains silicon which is important for bone health.

There are yet many other proven claims that beer, when taken moderately, is good for the body but the most popular of these is that beer is good for fighting certain cancers. The drink has antioxidants which come from the malt that is used during brewing. Even antioxidants such as polyphenols, which are found in foods traditionally viewed as healthy, including vegetables, fruits, teas and wine, are also present in beer.

A few people may frown at beer for the notion that it makes them fat. Truth is, beer contains triglycerides or good cholesterol which is good thing for those who are obese. The belief that beer can cause drinkers to grow a beer belly is also scientifically false as there is no evidence that beer stretches waistlines. This belief can be traced to the consumption of high-fat or salty food that habitual drinkers usually pick on when they’re in bars or hanging out with friends while drinking.

When we say beer is healthy, we don’t mean barrels upon barrels of beer in one night or party. Health experts recommend one bottle of beer per day in order to reap its health benefits. Anything consumed excessively will obviously be unhealthy, whether it’s beer, wine, soda or even water. As long as everything is taken in moderation, drinking beer will be both a pleasurable and a healthy experience for drinkers.

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