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According to Ministry of Health web site reports, the Ministry of Health has published “raw milk” (GB19301-2010) and other 66 new Dairy Safety national standards. New dairy safety standards are no longer state the relevant provisions set melamine.

2008 10 7, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry Bureau, AQSIQ jointly issued a notice (the Ministry of Health Bulletin No. 25 of 2008), published in the milk with melamine Dairy products Limited value in the interim. “Food Safety Law Implementing Regulations,” the 49th article: The discovery may add or added to food in the non-food use chemicals and other potentially harmful substances in the list of human health and the detection method to the public.

2008 Ministry of Health in conjunction with the departments concerned to combat illegal to add non-food substances and the abuse Food Additives The ad hoc campaigns to publicize the four groups of potential offenders to add non-food substances and food additives liable to abuse, “blacklist”, which may be illegal in the food added to list of non-food substances (first batch) include melamine and the detection method. New dairy safety standards are no longer state the relevant provisions set melamine.

All of the reactions: Ministry of Health: do not add lead to the dairy business casual

New national standard, the longer the relevant provisions of melamine based, will lead to the dairy companies added melamine free? Ministry of Health, said in 2008 against “illegal to add non-food substances” special rectification action, announced the four groups of “black list. ” Including melamine and its detection method. Are no longer relevant provisions set melamine.

Industry: industry, said melamine should not be included in the GB
Senior Dairy Analysts, Guangzhou Wang Ding Cotton Dairy Association believe that the Government announced that melamine in milk and dairy products in the interim management of limited value, is considered illegal in some Milk Adding requirements from a safety point of view on the value of a temporary regulatory standards. The real no melamine in milk ingredients, so do not test items should be included as a regular melamine GB. Deputy General Manager Zhou Dongqing

Hong Moon House also agreed not to include the national standards of melamine. He believes that the melamine project, quality inspection departments in Guangzhou will now once or twice a month to plant sampling. Melamine can be used as samples of a government project, but not as a routine business inspection, I hope the Government also introduced the relevant rules.

Public voice: Microblogging new 4130119: ah, the original melamine state forcing dairy farmers to add ah? Countries going to remove Flour Canada whitener? It is said that the market sell 100% of wheat flour added brightener and whitener in 30% of the industrial doped Raw material Talc (cancer). Strongly urge the abolition of flour add any additives!

Su30mkka2: What is the meaning of this provision? Was previously allowed to add a small amount of melamine, now do not allow a point; or now, whether the melamine milk powder in there?

Wbdzyd: I, too, that the truth is out. Provisions of the original is likely to increase the ah, that some people may only want to add the. [ BOLA TANGKAS