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Has to clean Health Products Market, the state Food Drug Administration Management Council’s website has issued a new regulation?? ” Health food Name (Trial) “, is strictly prohibited health food use” function “name. The health care products named a new regulation, the majority of health care products currently on the market will escape the fate of another name. The application for registration of health food products for the standard naming rules in the industry view, indicates that a comprehensive national health care products market, the beginning of the consolidation. According to the State Food and Drug Administration health food

Registry staff to the “Daily Economic News” said, “health food name (Trial)” from the June 14th release date been implemented. Have been registered but not to the name of health food kiosk, currently on the market can continue to use. As to the replacement when the need to change its name has not yet announced details. It is reported that the new release of the “health food name (Trial)” clearly states: the brand name and General Were not allowed to use express or implied term therapeutic effect, may not use function name and homophonic word or form of the character, not use exaggerated function of the text, the text associated with the function and misleading Consumption Those terms. This would mean that most health care products on the market are facing the need to change the name. The new regulations also provide brand name and generic distinction between the proper words or symbols. Brand name with a registered trademark, registered trademark name in the upper right corner after the marked R, or added “brand” words; did not use the registered trademark and has applied for registration but not yet approved, should be added in the brand name ” card “character. Shall not use false, exaggerated and absolute language, such as “efficient, quick, the first generations.”

“Daily Economic News” recently visited Shanghai to find that some of health care products market, the majority of health care products is to use function names such as certain iron zinc Oral , XX Lose weight Tea, certain blood capsules. “Daily Economic News” also randomly interviewed some consumers. Most people think that health care products indicated on the function name will be easier to pick up some, if after all the main raw material used to naming, or name change, as drugs to be very professional, ordinary people can not understand, nor easy to buy.

Insiders pointed out that under the new rules, the vast majority of health care products will face renamed. Has been training for health care products from the market, enterprises, and renamed it means to give up their market, re-marketing. After the introduction of the new regulations, marketing also will greatly increase the difficulties. Likely to lead to the production of some enterprises will no longer registered health care products, and thus out of the industry. BOLA TANGKAS