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With the quickening pace of modern life, an increasing number of people staying up late. The night of the dead of night, is the large number of people, “prime time”: the creative meditation, or reading homework, or meet up with friends enjoy happy …… notes, however, often staying up late is an unscientific way of life and easy to make clock has been disrupted in the evening energetic, lethargic during the day, time goes by, many people can not adjust back to the original pace of life, prone to constipation, ulcers, depression and other symptoms. To adjust their biological clock, as far as possible in line to the lark? That is not difficult.

Health reminder: decreased vision was actually a long-term stay up late to blame

Stay up all night could easily lead to the following major hazards:

1, skin damage In general, the skin in 10 to 11 points late into the night maintenance state. If you stay up all night long, human endocrine and nervous system disorders of normal circulation will make skin dry, poor elasticity, luster and other issues; and endocrine disorders, especially young people make the skin prone to acne skin, acne , chloasma, dark spots and other issues.

Return Weapon Do I remember staying up late before

remover, or wash my face first, to avoid the thick layer of powder or oil, in the torment of staying up late, the trigger face acne. After staying up late when the use of cold wash, hot face turn stimulate blood circulation, the best deposition about face, massage for 5 minutes, to supplement the dry skin.

2, decreased resistance Stay up late to the body resulting in a variety of damage, the most common is that people often fatigue, lethargy, body resistance decreased. For people who are weak immunity, colds and other respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal and other gastrointestinal diseases will come its way.

Return Weapon Resolutely resist the “non-legitimacy of staying up”, establishing regular sleep schedule. If you had to stay up late because of working relationship, the middle should take a break, another to pay attention to nutrition.

3, memory loss Normally, sympathetic people should rest at night, daytime excited to support the day’s work and life. While those who stay up late at night is exciting sympathetic, so that did not occur in the spirit of the day, dizzy, memory loss, impaired concentration, slow reaction, amnesia, and dizziness, headache and so on. A long time, will appear neurasthenia, insomnia and other issues.

Return Weapon If you have to stay up late to work

, 1 to 2 times per week. In addition, the night the best family day full rest, instead of the other work arrangements. Eat meat, fish, dairy foods can enhance memory.

4, Yin Huo-wang For those who stay up late, the body is overloaded with work, so prone to dysfunction, the Chinese thought of as Yin Huo-wang, which is often said to be lit. In addition, when the lives of the people stay up late often do not rule, because staying up late, eat dinner and some more people, so those who stay up late too often gastrointestinal problems.

Return Weapon Improvement through diet, to protect the digestive purposes.

5, decreased vision Overload with long eyes, but also to make eye pain, dry, swollen and so on, even people suffering from dry eye syndrome. Eye muscle fatigue can lead to temporary vision loss. If long-term stay up late, tiredness, and may induce central serous retinitis, people blurred vision, vision center shadow, visual distortion, distorted, narrow, visual color change issues; vision may also occur plummeted, down rate as low as 0.1.

Return Weapon Recommended that each interval of 40 minutes rest for about 10 minutes or 15 minutes rest every hour or so. Can choose to overlook, do eye exercises, etc., and the amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A may regulate photoreceptor material, stay up all night workers can improve the resilience of the dim light, while the prevention of visual fatigue. Vitamin A and vitamin B2 on the prevention of visual impairment have some effect. Recommendations: eat more carrots, leeks, eels and other foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B, of lean meat, fish, liver, etc. Food .