Health: The Benefits Of Regular Suannai Five Behind

Have you ever noticed, in the supermarket freezer has less and less milk, all kinds of yogurt they dominate the market in large quantities, well from the 3-year-old children to 80 years old favorite. So, in addition to well-known to regulate gastrointestinal function, the yogurt also how good is it? United States, “Network, MD” website on April 5 in an article made to answer for us.

Good one: to prevent osteoporosis. U.S. Niuyuehailun – Hesse Orthopaedic Hospital director Jerry? Dr Nevis, adequate nutrition in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis has played a key role, while calcium, Vitamin D and other trace elements in the most critical. While many studies of calcium also varies, but generally agreed that calcium in the bone of any age who have a very good role. And dairy products provide a very high vitamin D and calcium and vitamin D to combine the benefits of the bone is more evident. We Food Tags can learn, a lot of dairy products, including yogurt when they added in the production of vitamin D, you may wish to purchase more in the “favored” in this category.

Tip: Five of osteoporosis prevention should not five

Benefits 2: lower blood pressure. Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health researcher Yierwaluo? Liang Suobo Shi, said, the study found, among those who drink two a day? 3 or more of those yogurt, the risk of incidence of hypertension than those who do not people who drink a 50% reduction.

Common sense: calcium deficiency can cause hypertension

Three benefits: improve immunity. Contains a large number of active bacteria in yogurt can help to improve lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, enteritis, Helicobacter pylori infection and other illnesses. U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center on Ageing, is the work of Tufts University, researcher Jienmaier that yogurt can not only improve the intestinal environment, but also can improve immunity. Similarly, a study of Taiwan has also found that yogurt can improve the efficacy of certain anti-inflammatory drugs.

Benefits of four: the prevention of gynecological infections. For diabetic women, vaginal yeast infection is a common problem. A small study found that diabetic women with chronic yeast infections, as long as the daily consumption of 200 ml of sweetened yogurt, you can make the vaginal pH from 6.0 to 4.0 (normal is 4.0? 4.5), and yeast Infections have also been reduced.

Good 5: control appetite. University of Washington have conducted such a study: the subjects were from the following 200 calories of food energy Choose one (plus a semi-solid yogurt peaches, yogurt, peach flavored milk, peach juice) consumption, the results shows that those who drink milk than others to reduce hunger, increase a sense of fullness.

, Then, should the election of the best and most suitable for their own yogurt do? “Web MD” website as we introduce the following four tips.

1. Full-fat yogurt is also divided, low-fat and skim three, you can select;

2. Concerned about sugar content, some products are very high in sugar, if you like sweet and sour but fear excessive heat, may wish to choose those who use on behalf of the sugar;

3. Concerned about bacteria in activity, many products will be marked with at least the number of beneficial bacteria;

4. Buying yogurt not only depend on calcium, vitamin D strengthens the product is the best choice. BOLA TANGKAS