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Yogurt Good or Milk Good? After numerous discussions of experts, seems to have been reached, the yogurt Raw material Is milk, fresh milk sterilized by the Papanicolaou method by adding beneficial lactic acid bacteria, and then made by the fermentation and the fermentation Dairy products This is the yogurt after such a process, not only to promote milk in the human body absorb nutrients greatly increased, and has good health care function.

So baby is not changed Suannai situation?
During the first year, either fresh milk or yogurt, are not suitable for babies to drink, this time the best baby Drinks Is breast milk, followed by formula. After one-year-old, usually yogurt better, yogurt not only has the advantages of the original milk, and yogurt in the manufacturing process will be the milk protein and lactose, making the body more easily absorbed. Yogurt can also promote digestion, inhibit the intestinal bacteria breeding corruption. It is worth noting that the premature baby to baby Suannai may make light of other taste for something a little rejection.

Sour note Lactic acid bacteria will produce antibiotics to inhibit many bacteria, but also destroyed the beneficial bacteria within the human body, if long-term consumption of yogurt, will affect the baby’s own sound system, may interfere with normal digestive function, suffers from a gastrointestinal inflammation of the frail baby premature infant is more detrimental to children, because yogurt is delicious, also affect the baby for the acceptance of plain water. Things too far, too much yogurt will also cause some damage stomach, so parents need special attention.

Yogurt Beverages Does not mean yogurt
Now a large number of lactic acid beverage market were wearing “yogurt drink” label, but the so-called yogurt drink with a great gap between the nutritional value of yogurt, yogurt is the essence of milk, yogurt drinks is the essence of drinks, from flour, sugar, lactic acid or citric acid, malic acid, Spices Preparation process, and preservatives. Yogurt is the most important lactic acid, it can decompose the substances that are beneficial to human body, can promote nutrient uptake and regulation of gastrointestinal function, but generally only lactic acid in yogurt drinks, there is no way to play a lactic acid bacteria function. Both the protein content varies widely, about 2.7% -2.9% yogurt, yogurt drinks are below 1%, the baby drinks the yogurt drink, for the growth and development is not positive, the parents should pay special attention to the time of purchase to see the ingredient list.

Yogurt Tips 1. Suannai best 2 hours after dinner, when alkaline gastric juice rose, for lactic acid bacteria growth.

2. Do not drink milk, fasting, fasting gastric juice with high acid, lactic acid bacteria will be killed.

3. Yogurt should be refrigerated and not kept for too long, the best finish in seven days.

4. Can not be heated. Could be kept out from the refrigerator an hour or two after.

5. Remember after drinking mouthwash to prevent tooth decay. BOLA TANGKAS