Healthy Weight Loss – Should You Go On A Diet

Well, like millions of other people, myself included, you have decided that some changes are necessary.

Perhaps you have weighed much too much for too long? Is it just that you have recently put on some unwanted pounds?

What does ‘going on a diet’ really mean?

The first thing to understand is that you are already on a diet. The fact you are reading this means that your current diet is not the right one to help you to lose weight and stay healthy.

If this is the first time you have felt the need to lose some weight, perhaps you should try one of the ‘fad’ diets? There seems to be a new one every few weeks and maybe one of them will do the trick for you.

What you will find is that if the new fad diet does not keep you happy, even if you are lighter and healthier, then it is unlikely to suit you for the long term. You might even find that once you have had enough of it, you put on more weight than you lost.

This is a very common problem with diet plans which do not address the whole person.

Your changed eating habits must include keeping you in a positive frame of mind, otherwise the benefits just will not last.

The best way to make sure of this is to stick to just ONE rule:

only eat food you enjoy!

Now I can see that you could have a problem if you really only enjoy things like gut-busting pizzas, do-nuts and high fat fast food snacks. This would need a good deal of re-education.

What about a lunch of scrambled egg, butter, some fresh vegetable and wholewheat toast? Try making your own pizza with fresh healthy ingredients.

Some lean meat, chicken or fish with your favourite vegetables should get the taste buds interested. With just a little research you can soon find hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas for delicious snacks and meals which only include foods you really like.

The key is to make the whole thing a pleasure. Think about your food, anticipate it and enjoy it.

If a ‘fad’ diet suits you, then by all means stick to it, but if you are like 95 per cent of people, you will be better to design your own ‘diet’ and be happy losing weight and being healthier.

It is not usually a wise move to make drastic changes to any of your lifestyle habits, your diet being no exception. Try to make the necessary changes gradually and start to see the benefits.

Whatever method or system you choose, it is always a good idea to pick up as many tips, tricks and ideas as you can to help you on your way to happy,healthy weight loss.

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