Heart Palpitations and the Type A Personality

You’re standing by the water cooler and you suddenly feel a fluttering sensation in your chest. Or, you’re driving along to your next appointment and you feel a “kick” in your chest that makes you wonder if you’re having a heart attack. You wonder to yourself if you should drive straight to a hospital.

You do the sensible thing and go to see your doctor. He may run further tests. You’re told that there’s nothing to worry about. You’re just having benign palpitations. But he doesn’t offer much additional information.

Benign heart palpitations can be the result of many factors. Curiously enough, doctors, even cardiologists are often not as aware as they should be on causation and the possibilities for resolution. Let’s explore some of the key points.

Many of us first start experiencing palpitations in college, cramming for that exam or term paper due the next day. We sit at the desk with a pot of coffee, trying to ignore sleep as best we can.

If you’re the type that just has to get things done and they have to be done right NOW, you’re likely to have more run ins with palpitations. And they will probably get worse. While doctors say they’re nothing to worry about and the evidence does suggest that there’s no imminent danger, any rhythmic anomalies of the heart which cause it to work harder under more stress can ultimately lead to weakening of the heart.

Tony Blair while Prime Minister of Britain, apparently another type A, was suffering from palpitations so severe that he had to have a procedure done called ablation to normalize his heart’s rhythm. Many who have gone for long periods without sleep, eventually become less able to sleep because the palpitations become so forceful, that they’ll awaken the afflicted individual from sleep on a regular basis. Their palpitations go from a slight fluttering in the chest to a forceful kick.

Also, known as PVCs, palpitations are a literal stopping of the heart for a split second. Fortunately the body is able to kick start the beat again which is when you feel the hard beat. If the lack of sleep continues, depression and weakness will set in making the sufferer a virtual basket case in search of some relief.

The good news is there are natural ways to hasten their demise. Among them combinations of calcium and magnesium and other stronger natural substances that regulate the function of the heart like the amino acid taurine.

With better attention to diet, sleep patterns and nutrition, anyone suffering from heart palpitations can conquer them permanently and begin to live a fuller, healthier life.