Heartburn and Dementia Symptoms

Often, after consuming foods or drinks which are popular as the causes of acidity in the body, one may feel a burn in the chest, near the heart. It may bind him with a misconception that there is some issue going on with the heart. This condition is no heart disease, though it is known as heartburn. A few heartburn symptoms are listed below for you to take account of:

• Burning in the chest – It begins behind the breast bone and travels up towards the throat. It occurs within a short time after eating spicy or hot food, or immediately lying down after meals.

• A burn in the throat – This feeling of burn in the throat is experienced during the time when the person immediately lies down after having a heavy or oily meal, or when he has tea or coffee made up of too creamy milk. If tried to swallow, the pain of the burning sensation may get worse. This happens due to the stomach refluxes coming back to the throat.

• Sour burps – A person suffering from heartburn gives out sour burps. These result from the refluxes of the stomach that occur after a person treats on spicy, oily, non- vegetarian, and heavy food.

• Bitter mouth – The stomach refluxes jump back to the esophagus, causing throat burning and sour and bitter taste to be felt in the oral cavity.

• Difficulty in swallowing – Due to the already anguished throat and chest, if one tries to swallow something on top of what has caused the condition then he may face difficulty doing the same.

To prevent such symptoms of heart burn, we come to avoiding foods that cause the heartburn in the first place. Switching to high energy foods is a good alternative. Foods like green vegetables, fruits, juices, nuts, beans and lentils, freshly prepared salads and others are great high energy foods. They are substituted as one’s daily diet and cause the body to attain more of rejuvenation and strength for enduring the day long tasks. As well as providing high energy, these foods improve digestion, help losing weight and of course keep one away from the slightest symptoms of heartburn.

Though not related with diet in the slightest manner, yet dementia is another thing to worry about. Below are introduced some symptoms of dementia, as they are seen in the early stages. One declines to identify and speak the well known languages:

• One loses the skills of concentration and alertness

• One faces a lot of difficulties in portraying the problem solving skills as he used to do prior to a certain period.

• Bodily symptoms of dementia include the inability to perform a regular task and do justice to it.

• Mood swings become frequent

• Tough on motor skills like reading, writing, speaking and so on.

• Imbalance of the body while walking and standing

• The judgment of anything becomes poor

• Unable to understand the opposite person’s speech

• Loss of sense of direction

• Forgetfulness about one’s self identity

• Forgetfulness in performing regular and basic activities like dressing up well.