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Last month, we conduct research on the world science and technology, the company’s current business situation, future development and other issues, leading to an exchange with the company.

Company’s main coal machine equipment and demonstration projects, targeted at high-end products, the Company’s greatest strength lies in its ability to provide complete sets of equipment, is the the only product design, research and development, manufacturing, system integration business .

Maintain a rapid growth since listing. Since listing, etc. through constant mergers and acquisitions, revenue size of rapid growth rate in 2004, operating income 490 million yuan, in 2008 has reached 3.1 billion, the company earnings into mine automation equipment, coal washing equipment, mine production technical services and management, special construction and underground coal products Pin Sale. Mine automation equipment which is the main source of revenue for companies, the coal company’s major shareholder is the Science and Industry Group, China’s coal industry’s only comprehensive research institutions, companies with strong R & D team and technical strength, establishing a leading position in the industry. Company has the boring machine, electric shearer, conveyor, Hydraulic pressure Stent manufacturing capacity, with an annual output of one million to 10 million tons of coal machine production capacity. Is the major manufacturer of coal.

At a high level the overall company gross margins, and increased year by year since 2005, this is because the company utilizes leading edge technology in domestic enterprises, and domestic coal enterprises established close Cooperation Relations, and part of imports substitution. Coal future domestic market will increase in intensity, while the coal industry capacity expansion rate will decline, expects gross margins remained stable future.

Coal demand pick up, needs help to promote coal machine. The demand for coal machinery mainly from coal mining and coal washing industry and coal demand is mainly downstream thermal, and metallurgical industries, and macro close-knit, from 2008 to 2009 in the first half of the financial crisis, the growth rate of coal demand decline, from coal production run, 2009, 11 months, the national raw coal production was 2.705 billion tons, up to 13.27% growth. Coal supply and demand balance showing a whole trend of coal production from the monthly view, since the second half as the economy recovers, the growth rate of coal output up to a larger rise, demand for coal strained.

Largest use is thermal coal, 2009 years ago, 11 months, China’s generating capacity accumulated to 3.2916 trillion kwh, an increase of 5.24%, in the second half as economic conditions improved, the increase in consumption growth over the previous year, basically consistent with the coal production, coal continues to grow, could boost the coal industry to expand production capacity, increasing demand for coal machine. From the coal prices, the current price of all coal from 2008, although the highest point there is a certain distance, but in recent months the situation has improved, the improvement will increase the coal industry’s overall profitability, thus contributing to the coal industry investment in fixed assets, to enhance demand for coal machine. BOLA TANGKAS